Catalogue ship spare parts (warehouse A.S.M.)

Part no.DescriptionCatalogue no.Product group   
6CHN40/46 / 6ЧН40/46 / PC2.5
1Locking wire1-0-C6CHN40/46Details
2Locking wire2-0-C6CHN40/46Details
3Sealing with springСЧ 41032000036CHN40/46Details
4Sealing with springСЧ 41032000116CHN40/46Details
5Set screw0405-016CHN40/46Details
6Fitted bolt0410-046CHN40/46
7Fitted bolt0410-036CHN40/46
8Pielstick O-rings set6CHN40/46
9Seal ring for air distributor shaft99.060.025.0426CHN40/46
10Seal ring7.1-15x30-1.46CHN40/46
12Sealing ring99.605.2.064.016CHN40/46
13Sealing ring99.605.1.025.016CHN40/46
14Bush for air distributor shaft99.512.1.025.316CHN40/46Details
15Durite tube99.677.4105.036CHN40/46Details
16Inlet valve seat 135x115x1202.010.7000.016CHN40/46Details
17Inlet valve seat 140x115x1202.010.1140.0056CHN40/46Details
18Inlet valve seat 142x115x10602-018-1186CHN40/46Details
19Inlet valve seat 142X115X12602-018-1716CHN40/46Details
20Inlet valve seat 145x115x1200.010.1145.0056CHN40/46Details
33Set screw02200-M12x506CHN40/46
34Set screw02200-M16x306CHN40/46
35Hex. screw02200-M16x356CHN40/46
40Grub screw02305-M10x106CHN40/46
41Set screw02314-M18x456CHN40/46
44Hex. nut02330-M16-A6CHN40/46
45Hex. nut02330-M246CHN40/46
51Dowel pin02400-5x166CHN40/46
52Locating pin02400-6x246CHN40/46
53Noched pin02400-8x406CHN40/46
54Taper pin02401-8x366CHN40/46
55Split pin02405-4x366CHN40/46
56Split pin02405-4x406CHN40/46
57Split pin02405-8x1006CHN40/46
58Split pin02405-8x1206CHN40/46
59Tab washer02446-106CHN40/46
60Tab washer02446-126CHN40/46
61Tab washer02446-206CHN40/46
62Split pin00.
63Lock ring02426-186CHN40/46
65Circlip, inner tube0635-016CHN40/46
66Mecanindus pin0680-016CHN40/46
67Mecanindus pin0680-076CHN40/46
68Spring pin0680-146CHN40/46
70Spring pin
71Junction bellow02.147.0045.006CHN40/46
72Protection strap02.147.0046.006CHN40/46
117Thrust bearing pair602-010-013/0146CHN40/46Details
118Thrust bearing pair 1st rep. size602-010-013/014-16CHN40/46Details
119Half low bearing / half top bearing602-010-103/1046CHN40/46Details
120Locating pin602-010-1086CHN40/46
121Lock washer602-010-1096CHN40/46
124Housing complete602-010-112/1136CHN40/46
125Locating pin602-010-1146CHN40/46
127Main bearing pair std.size602-012-021/0226CHN40/46Details
128Main bearing pair (1st rep. size)602-012-021/022-16CHN40/46
129Main bearing pair (2nd rep. size)602-012-021/022-26CHN40/46
130Main bearing housing602-012-1116CHN40/46
131Main bearing body and cap assembly602-012-1126CHN40/46
132Main bearing stud602-012-1136CHN40/46
133Nut for main bearing stud602-012-1146CHN40/46
134Side bolt602-012-1156CHN40/46
136Pressure screw and piston602-012-1176CHN40/46
138Stop sleeve602-012-1196CHN40/46
140Spherical washer602-012-1216CHN40/46
141Locking plate602-012-1226CHN40/46
143Locating pin602-012-1256CHN40/46
144Top o.ring 602-012-1296CHN40/46
147Cylinder liner with LRS certificate602-014-1016CHN40/46Details
148Protection cap for water jacket stud602-014-1036CHN40/46
149Nut for water jacket stud602-014-1046CHN40/46Details
150Water jacket with Lloyds certificate602-014-1056CHN40/46Details
151Water jacket stud602-014-1116CHN40/46Details
152Cylinder head gasket, steel 1mm602-014-1176CHN40/46Details
153Cylinder head gasket, steel / 1,5mm602-014-117-1.56CHN40/46
154Cylinder head gasket, steel / 2,0mm602-014-117-2.06CHN40/46
155Cylinder head gasket, steel / 2,5mm602-014-117-2.56CHN40/46
156Cylinder head gasket, steel / 3,0mm602-014-117-3.06CHN40/46
157Cylinder head gasket, steel / 3,5mm602-014-117-3.56CHN40/46
158Cylinder head gasket, steel / 4,0mm602-014-117-4.06CHN40/46
159Locating pin602-014-1186CHN40/46
160Steel gasket 1,00 mm02.008.0000/1,06CHN40/46
161Steel gasket 1,50 mm02.008.0000/1,56CHN40/46
162Steel gasket 2,00 mm 02.008.0000/2,06CHN40/46
163Steel gasket 2,50 mm02.008.0000/2,56CHN40/46
164Steel gasket 3,00 mm02.008.0000/3,06CHN40/46
165Steel gasket 4,00 mm02.008.0000/4,06CHN40/46
166Cylinder liner o-ring602-014-1316CHN40/46
167Cylinder liner o-ring602-014-1326CHN40/46
169Cylinder cover, bare, with Lloyds certificate602-018-1016CHN40/46Details
170Cylinder head gasket set02.010.9028.066CHN40/46
171Cylinder head stud and nut set52.010.9005.006CHN40/46
172Long stud602-018-1056CHN40/46
173Spacer for stud602-018-1076CHN40/46
174Special nut for stud602-018-1086CHN40/46
175Plug for cylinder head602-018-1096CHN40/46Details
176Plug for cylinder head602-018-109-016CHN40/46
177Plug for cylinder head602-018-109-026CHN40/46
178Plug for cylinder head602-018-109-036CHN40/46
179Stud / tie rod602-018-1106CHN40/46
180Tie rod602-018-1126CHN40/46
181Tie rod606-018-1136CHN40/46
182Tie rod606-018-113-016CHN40/46
184Gasket for blind flange602-018-1226CHN40/46
185Gasket for blind flange602-018-1236CHN40/46
186Gasket for blind flange602-018-1246CHN40/46
187Special nut602-018-1316CHN40/46
188Special nut602-018-1326CHN40/46
189Collar (clamping strap)602-019-0226CHN40/46
190Punched joint602-019-1366CHN40/46
192Punched joint602-019-1556CHN40/46
193O-ring 602-019-1566CHN40/46
195Joint clamp assy602-020-0116CHN40/46
196Clamping collar602-020-0126CHN40/46
198Exhaust manifold expansion bellow 3- waves602-022-0446CHN40/46Details
199Clamping collar602-022-0556CHN40/46
200Joint to turbocharger602-022-1016CHN40/46
201Special screw 602-022-1066CHN40/46
205Set screw602-022-109-016CHN40/46
207Clamping strap602-022-2386CHN40/46
208Jubilee clip (Collar)602-025-0116CHN40/46
213Sealing tube (coupling bush)602-025-1116CHN40/46Details
216Push rod cover602-025-1196CHN40/46Details
219Relief valve602-026-0206CHN40/46
220Clamp 602-026-1016CHN40/46
222Crankcase inspection door602-026-1036CHN40/46
225Insert for camshaft casing inspection doors602-026-1176CHN40/46
226Upper longitudinal joint602-026-1206CHN40/46
227Lower longitudinal joint602-026-1226CHN40/46
231Sealing joint / coupling oil seal602-028-0146CHN40/46
232Oil retaining ring602-028-1036CHN40/46
233Sealing ring602-036-0056CHN40/46
235Tappet / Spherical washer602-036-1236CHN40/46Details
236Pressure screw for balance weight with tappet602-036-123 + 602-036-1246CHN40/46
237Connecting rod with certificate602-038-0026CHN40/46Details
238Conn.rod bearing std. size602-038-011/0126CHN40/46Details
239Conn. rod bearing 1st rep. size602-038-011/012-16CHN40/46
240Conn. rod bearing 2nd rep. size602-038-011/012-26CHN40/46
241Conn. rod bearing 3rd rep. size602-038-011/012-36CHN40/46
242Conn. rod bearing 4th rep. size602-038-011/012-46CHN40/46
243Conn. rod bearing 5th rep. size602-038-011/012-56CHN40/46
244Conn. rod bearing 6th rep. size602-038-011/012-66CHN40/46
245Conn. rod bearing 7th rep. size602-038-011/012-76CHN40/46
246Conn. rod bearing 8th rep. size602-038-011/012-86CHN40/46
247Conn. rod bearing 10th rep. size602-038-011/012-106CHN40/46
248Small end bush602-038-0136CHN40/46Details
249Connecting rod bolt with LRS certificate602-038-1216CHN40/46Details
250Composite piston602-040-001 (101)6CHN40/46Details
251Piston ring set02.005.9000.016CHN40/46
252Top piston ring, molybdenum602-040-0136CHN40/46Details
253Chromed oil scraper ring602-040-0146CHN40/46Details
254Piston ring, copper plated602-040-1026CHN40/46Details
255Top piston ring, chromed602-040-1056CHN40/46Details
256Piston ring, chromed602-040-105/8.56CHN40/46
257Top piston ring, chromed602-040-105/8.66CHN40/46
258Top piston ring, chromed602-040-105/8.86CHN40/46
259Piston ring, chromed602-040-105/9.06CHN40/46
260Compression ring 1st groove602-040-105/9.756CHN40/46
261Piston crown with LR certificate602-040-1116CHN40/46Details
262Aluminium piston skirt602-040-1166CHN40/46Details
263Piston gudgeon pin assembly602-040-1216CHN40/46Details
264Piston pin inner tube602-040-1266CHN40/46
266Piston stud602-040-1316CHN40/46
267Nut for piston stud602-040-1326CHN40/46
268Back plate602-040-1336CHN40/46
269Piston crown o-ring602-040-1416CHN40/46
271Damper spring 602-044-0146CHN40/46Details
272Double key602-044-1106CHN40/46
275Distruting shaft (for engine right execution)602-056-009-016CHN40/46
276Fuel cam, split type, non-reverse602-056-114-016CHN40/46Details
277Fuel cam split type52.024.9021.006CHN40/46
278Admission cam split type602-056-0226CHN40/46
279Exhaust cam split type602-056-0236CHN40/46
281Bearing shell complete602-056-061/6026CHN40/46
283Key for camshaft602-056-1316CHN40/46
284Key for camshaft602-056-1326CHN40/46
287Bearing housing left602-056-2516CHN40/46
288Bearing housing right602-056-2526CHN40/46
290Regulating gasket602-056-2556CHN40/46
292Bearing housing602-056-2646CHN40/46
293Elastic gear wheel hub602-058-0126CHN40/46
294Bearing bush602-058-0146CHN40/46
295Intermediate axle602-058-1026CHN40/46
297Cone ring602-058-1116CHN40/46
298Cone ring602-058-1126CHN40/46
300Locking nut602-058-1146CHN40/46
302Locking nut602-058-1166CHN40/46
303Grooved pin602-058-1176CHN40/46
304Toothed wheel602-058-1206CHN40/46
305Elastic gear wheel crown602-058-2016CHN40/46
306Intermediate gear wheel602-058-2036CHN40/46
307Toothed wheel602-058-2086CHN40/46
308Adm/exh valve drive602-059-0016CHN40/46
309Rocker command rod602-059-0116CHN40/46
310Adm. and exh. valve roller guide housing602-059-1016CHN40/46
311Roller guide602-059-1026CHN40/46
312Roller guide push rod602-059-1036CHN40/46
313Spring, lower, for push rod602-059-1046CHN40/46Details
314Roller 602-059-1056CHN40/46
315Plug 602-059-1076CHN40/46
316O-ring 602-059-1096CHN40/46
317Protector tube602-059-1166CHN40/46
318Inlet valve assy complete602-060-0016CHN40/46
319Inlet valve spindle, stellite602-060-0136CHN40/46Details
320Valve spring, internal 602-060-1016CHN40/46Details
321Valve spring, external 602-060-1026CHN40/46Details
322Spring seat602-060-1036CHN40/46
323Half shell 602-060-1046CHN40/46Details
324Ring housing602-060-1056CHN40/46
325O-ring 602-060-1096CHN40/46
326Admission valve guide (incl. guide bushes)602-060-2016CHN40/46
327Stud for bonnet 0470-016CHN40/46
328Stud bolt0470-036CHN40/46
329Valve gear rocker arm assy complete 602-061-0016CHN40/46
330Tappet screw with seat602-061-0136CHN40/46
331Short stud602-061-1016CHN40/46
332Long stud602-061-1026CHN40/46
335Securing bar602-061-1066CHN40/46
336Tappet screw602-061-1076CHN40/46
337Tappet pad602-061-1086CHN40/46
338Cylindrical key602-061-1096CHN40/46
339Rocker arm bracket602-061-2016CHN40/46
340Rocker arm, exhaust602-061-2026CHN40/46Details
341Rocker arm inlet (long)602-061-2036CHN40/46Details
342Rocker arm inlet (short)602-061-2046CHN40/46Details
343Bush 602-061-2116CHN40/46
346Tappet (ball joint) 602-061-2226CHN40/46
347Exhaust valve assembly complete R/H602-062-0016CHN40/46
348Exhaust valve assembly complete L/H602-062-001-016CHN40/46
349Exhaust valve seat602-062-0146CHN40/46Details
350Exhaust valve seat PC 2.294394840156CHN40/46Details
354Housing 252470286CHN40/46
355Exhaust valve spindle 602-062-016-016CHN40/46Details
356Upper valve guide606-062-1016CHN40/46
357Lower valve guide606-062-1026CHN40/46
358Guide bush/locking socket602-062-1036CHN40/46
359Spring collar/seat for rotocap602-062-1056CHN40/46
360Clip for rotocap seat602-062-1066CHN40/46
361Water pipe ferrule 602-062-1086CHN40/46Details
363Exhaust valve cage R/H602-062-2016CHN40/46
364Exhaust valve cage L/H602-062-2026CHN40/46
365Exh. valve guide bush, lower 602-062-2116CHN40/46Details
366Exhaust valve guide bush, upper602-062-2126CHN40/46Details
367Exhaust valve guide bush, upper602-062-212-016CHN40/46Details
369Fuel injection pump, complete602-066-0026CHN40/46
370Plunger pair602-066-011(102/103)6CHN40/46Details
371Delivery valve complete602-066-012 (104)6CHN40/46Details
372Fuel pump body (HPFP cage) 602-066-1016CHN40/46
373Gasket 00.655.0641.2.716CHN40/46
374Delivery valve spring 602-066-1056CHN40/46Details
375Delivery valve stop 602-066-1066CHN40/46Details
376Fuel pump connection602-066-1076CHN40/46
377Fuel pump connection complete incl. valve stop and plug 02.430.0063.006CHN40/46Details
378Flange for fuel pump602-066-1086CHN40/46
379Special screw 602-066-1096CHN40/46
380Sleeve locating screw 602-066-1106CHN40/46
382Piston guide / pinion (ratchet gear)602-066-1126CHN40/46Details
383Fuel pump plunger spring 602-066-1146CHN40/46Details
384Stop ring602-066-1236CHN40/46
386Spring collar, upper602-066-1396CHN40/46
387Spring guide602-066-1406CHN40/46
388Spring collar, lower602-066-1416CHN40/46
390Guide with roller guide complete 602-067-0016CHN40/46
391Roller pin 602-067-0116CHN40/46Details
392Roller guide bush602-067-0126CHN40/46Details
393Camshaft bearing, top & bottom part602-067-013 / 0146CHN40/46
394Roller guide housing602-067-1016CHN40/46
395Spring 602-067-1026CHN40/46
396Spring collar602-067-1036CHN40/46
397Push screw602-067-1046CHN40/46
399Screw 602-067-109-016CHN40/46
400Locating bushing602-067-1116CHN40/46
401Locating washer602-067-1136CHN40/46
402Roller bush (floating ring) 602-067-1146CHN40/46Details
403Fuel pump fixing stud 602-067-1156CHN40/46
404Bearing body602-067-1226CHN40/46
405Oil scraper ring602-067-1246CHN40/46
407Base plate 602-067-1356CHN40/46
409Spherical washer602-067-1376CHN40/46Details
410Spherical bush602-067-1386CHN40/46Details
411Push screw body 602-067-1396CHN40/46Details
413Spacer ring602-067-1416CHN40/46
414Ring, adjusting washer602-067-1426CHN40/46
415Grooved pin 602-067-1446CHN40/46
416Roller guide (split design)602-067-1506CHN40/46Details
417Roller inj. pump operating gear 602-067-1516CHN40/46Details
418Fuel valve complete with nozzle 140?x10x0,65 602-068-0016CHN40/46
419Injection nozzle 10x0.65x140? cooled 602-068-0116CHN40/46Details
420Nozzle 140?x10x0,65 602-068-111 uncooled602-068-0116CHN40/46
421Nozzle 140?x10x0,55 02.416.8155.006CHN40/46
422Nozzle Type DPK-388A 140x10x0,706CHN40/46Details
423Fuel injector body 602-068-0136CHN40/46
424Injector spring602-068-1026CHN40/46
425Guide bush602-068-1036CHN40/46
426Guide bush602-068-1046CHN40/46
427Castle nut602-068-1056CHN40/46Details
428Lock washer602-068-1066CHN40/46
429Spring collar / adjusting screw 602-068-1076CHN40/46
431Connecting bush602-068-1096CHN40/46Details
432Push rod602-068-1106CHN40/46
433Injector joint ring602-068-1146CHN40/46Details
434Monel joint602-068-1156CHN40/46
436Main starting air valve601-088-0016CHN40/46
438Hand lever for starting main air valve601-088-0146CHN40/46
439Drain valve and bush assy601-088-0156CHN40/46
440Drain body601-088-1016CHN40/46
444Valve seat602-088-1046CHN40/46
447Main spring602-088-1076CHN40/46
448Drain valve602-088-1106CHN40/46
450Spring plate602-088-1146CHN40/46
451Half ring602-088-1156CHN40/46
452Push rod602-088-1176CHN40/46
455Copper washer 00.651.09.14.406CHN40/46
456Sealing ring00.651.10.15.406CHN40/46
457Copper washer00.651.12.17.406CHN40/46
458Copper washer 00.651.14.20.406CHN40/46
459Copper washer02819-27x18x16CHN40/46
460Copper washer 00.651.20.26.406CHN40/46
461Copper washer00.651.36.45.406CHN40/46
462Copper washer 00.661.40.49.406CHN40/46
463Copper washer for plug 00.651.45.55.406CHN40/46
464Washer 02819-21x15x16CHN40/46
465Copper washer02819-50x43x26CHN40/46
466Copper washer 02819-70x58x26CHN40/46
467Starting air valve complete602-090-0016CHN40/46Details
468Starting air valve body602-090-1016CHN40/46
475Starting air distributor complete602-092-0016CHN40/46
479Distributor disc602-092-1056CHN40/46
482Cross piece602-093-1036CHN40/46
483O-ring 602-093-1086CHN40/46
486Governor drive casing602-101-1066CHN40/46
487Drive sleeve602-101-1156CHN40/46Details
488Governor drive shaft602-101-1166CHN40/46
489Locating pin602-101-1256CHN40/46
490Regulating gasket602-101-1306CHN40/46
491Helicoiled pinion (worm wheel)602-101-1526CHN40/46
496Drive shaft bevel wheel (taper pinion) 24 teeth602-102-1116CHN40/46
497Governor bevel wheel (taper pinion) 56 teeth602-102-1126CHN40/46
498Governor bevel wheel (taper pinion) 60 teeth602-102-1126CHN40/46
499Regulating washer602-102-1316CHN40/46
501Taper pinion602-102-1456CHN40/46
503Taper pinion602-102-1586CHN40/46
506Steel gasket602-102-1696CHN40/46Details
507Revolver (hub)602-105-0116CHN40/46
510Disconnecting lever602-105-1036CHN40/46
518Pusher bush602-105-1116CHN40/46
521Flight weight (trip plunger)602-105-2026CHN40/46
524Thrust ball bearing99.503.1.015.116CHN40/46
526Locking washer602-106-1176CHN40/46
528Stopping lever602-112-0176CHN40/46
530Spring stirrup602-112-104-16CHN40/46
531Pin for jaw end602-112-1056CHN40/46
532Slotted nut602-112-1156CHN40/46
533Lock-nut 602-112-1166CHN40/46
534Control rod602-112-1186CHN40/46
535Pump attachement (pipe)602-112-1196CHN40/46
536Pump attachement (pipe) 602-112-1206CHN40/46
538Spring 602-112-1256CHN40/46
541Fuel pump push rod spring 602-112-1596CHN40/46
544O-ring 602-113-1666CHN40/46
548Driver's body602-116-1226CHN40/46Details
549Round joint ring602-140-1716CHN40/46
551Worm shaft602-166-1046CHN40/46
552Worm wheel for turning gear602-166-1056CHN40/46
554Bearing bush602-166-1166CHN40/46
555Bearing housing602-166-2016CHN40/46
556Bearing bush602-166-2026CHN40/46
557Indicator cock (flange type)602-188-0116CHN40/46
558Indicator cock pipe602-188-0156CHN40/46Details
560Cock stem602-188-1026CHN40/46
562Needle valve602-188-1056CHN40/46
563Cooper washer602-188-1066CHN40/46
564Copper ring 602-188-1096CHN40/46
565Safety valve complete602-189-0016CHN40/46Details
566Valve stem602-189-0116CHN40/46
567Valve cone602-189-1026CHN40/46
568Safety valve body602-189-1036CHN40/46Details
570Adjusting washer602-189-1066CHN40/46
571Thrust bush602-189-1076CHN40/46
573Lub oil feed pipe to main bearing602-200-0166CHN40/46
574Locking plate602-200-1076CHN40/46
577Return pipe602-201-0166CHN40/46
578Flexible feed pipe 602-201-0306CHN40/46Details
579Flexible feed pipe602-201-0396CHN40/46
581Fuel feed pipe602-202-0126CHN40/46
582Fuel discharge pipe602-202-0136CHN40/46
583Fuel oil feed pipe603-202-0126CHN40/46
584Fuel oil discharge pipe603-202-0136CHN40/46
588Fuel discharge pipe, screw connection to fuel cock602-202-???6CHN40/46
589Fuel feed pipe, screw connection to fuel cock602-202-0186CHN40/46
590Leak controller602-202-0146CHN40/46
591Lower casing (leak collector)602-202-0156CHN40/46
592Sight glass62.136.065.0472.006CHN40/46
593Fuel cock602-202-0256CHN40/46
594Jubilee clip (Collar)602-202-0276CHN40/46Details
595Injector leak hose602-202-0306CHN40/46
596Socket, (short flanged)802-202-1256CHN40/46
599Straight socket 02.030.0078.006CHN40/46
600Fuel injection pipe 602-204-1016CHN40/46
604Inlet-outlet pipe602-205-0146CHN40/46
605Inlet-outlet pipe02.542.8203.006CHN40/46
606Cooling water hose602-205-0206CHN40/46Details
607Cooling water hose602-205-020-016CHN40/46
608Outlet pipe602-205-0256CHN40/46
609Flow indicator602-205-0276CHN40/46Details
610Sealing set for flow indicator602-205-121/1226CHN40/46
612Glass dome602-205-145 6CHN40/46Details
613Water pipe602-208-0116CHN40/46Details
614Manifold branch pipe602-208-0126CHN40/46
615Vent pipe602-208-0406CHN40/46
616Water outlet connection602-208-1016CHN40/46Details
617Water inlet connection602-208-1026CHN40/46Details
618Water connection body602-208-1046CHN40/46
619O-ring 602-208-1096CHN40/46
621Locating pin, center piece602-208-1116CHN40/46
622Banjo screw602-208-1156CHN40/46
626Tool for fitting and dismantling valve springs602-232-0196CHN40/46Details
627Elongation gauge (Tool for measuring connecting rod bolt elongation)602-232-0756CHN40/46
628Forked lever602-232-0766CHN40/46
629Eccentric lever602-232-0776CHN40/46
635Casing inlet pipe02.542.8268.006CHN40/46Details
637Thrust bearing382176CHN40/46
638Filter coloumn oil 1031957/6NC2006CHN40/46Details
639Filter coloumn fuel 1031957/9NC1006CHN40/46
640Automatical head assembly 2050526CHN40/46
641Filter element (sieve disc)190x140x756CHN40/46
642Filter element (sieve disc)100x35x46CHN40/46Details
643Thermopair L=120mm 0-800?CTXA 1172. 8mtr6CHN40/46Details
644Thermopair L=120mm 0-600?CTXK 1172 4mtr6CHN40/46Details
645Device for cylinder head removing602-232-0926CHN40/46
646Hydraulic pump for tightening of cylinder head nuts 384440806CHN40/46
647Polyflex hose388140156CHN40/46
648Back-up ring for cylinder head nut tightening jack00.667.055.6.886CHN40/46
649Charger air cooler insert (tube stack) OHB 10.000602-140-0026CHN40/46
650Coupling VulkanEZ195S6CHN40/46
6512/2-Way solenoid valve L145R2-Z534A G1" 230V AC1001534586CHN40/46Details
652Coil Z534A-230V/50Hz1001536936CHN40/46Details
653Turnomat with thread ring and 3 screws79.29.01.016CHN40/46Details
654Turnomat with guide ring
657Freewheel -complex79.29.01.936CHN40/46
658Mounting cap79.29.00.156CHN40/46
660Turbine speed sensor TK41B-081699.00.0006CHN40/46Details
661Key Socket 15mm6No.17/Z6CHN40/46Details
662Tool for positioning of jack on main bearing stud nuts602-232-0276CHN40/46
663Counterweight moving device602-232-0886CHN40/46Details
664Tool for tightening balance weight screws602-232-0936CHN40/46
665Device for removing and installing the thrust bearing cap602-232-1306CHN40/46Details
666Crankshaft alignment indicator400.640.0026CHN40/46
667 Pielstick 16PC2,5V (BTC)
668Piston complete, for BTC engine525.005.S01Pielstick 16PC2,5VDetails
669 Electro motor AH355LA-2
670Electro motor 280kW, 2985rpm, IP55AH355LA-2Electro motor AH355LA-2Details
671 6L 28/32VO
672Piston with LR certificate60501-51-11256L 28/32VODetails
673Inlet valve spindle60502-52-31036L 28/32VODetails
674Exhaust valve spindle with bush60502-52-32926L 28/32VODetails
675Cylinder liner with LR certificate60610-51-02256L 28/32VODetails
676LBH 31.5
677Miramid gasket748598092LBH 31.5
678T-shaped loopsLBH 31.5
679Caprolon pinLBH 31.5Details
680Initiator2.3704/11LBH 31.5Details
681Initiator2.3704/18LBH 31.5Details
682Initiator2.3705/22LBH 31.5
683Initiator 1645520LBH 31.5
684InitiatorTE016840LBH 31.5Details
685Axle with fork LBH 31.5LBH 31.5
686Rollover fork, left203294:0000:86111LBH 31.5
687Rollover fork, right203293:0000:86111LBH 31.5
688Spur gearZ-18 M 4 LBH 31.5Details
689Rotating gearZ-19 M 4 LBH 31.5Details
690Gear rodZ-26 M 4; 32mmLBH 31.5Details
691Gear rodZ-12 M 4; 32mm LBH 31.5Details
692Tooth wheel 15,875mm15,875; Z=33LBH 31.5Details
693Tooth wheel 25,4mmZ=17LBH 31.5Details
694Tooth wheel 25,4mmZ=15LBH 31.5
695Tooth wheel 25,4mmZ=15LBH 31.5
696Tooth wheel 15,875mmZ=15LBH 31.5
697Tooth wheel 15,875mmZ=19LBH 31.5
698Tooth wheel 15,875mmZ=13LBH 31.5
699ChainПР 15.875LBH 31.5
700ChainПР 19.05LBH 31.5Details
701ChainПР 25.4LBH 31.5
702ChainПР 38.1LBH 31.5
703ChainПР 80-1LBH 31.5
704Chain2ПР 19.05LBH 31.5
705LockПР 38.1LBH 31.5
706Lock2ПР 19.05LBH 31.5
707LockПР 15.875LBH 31.5
708LockПР 19.05LBH 31.5
709LockПР 25.4LBH 31.5
710LockПР 80-1LBH 31.5
711Chain20B-1 PZ 54LBH 31.5Details
712Chain20B-1 PZ 72LBH 31.5Details
713Opening-closing device for block-formLBH 31.5LBH 31.5Details
714Beam tilting mechanism for block-formLBH 31.5LBH 31.5
715Lock748598150LBH 31.5Details
716Opening cam Miramid 1 pair (left/right)748598157LBH 31.5Details
717Sliding block748598117LBH 31.5
718Rubber bag 10 litre TGL1084310/160LBH 31.5Details
719Rubber bag 25 litre TGL1084325/160LBH 31.5Details
720Lock valve TGL21575A13-160 LBH 31.5Details
721Lock valve TGL21575 A16-160LBH 31.5Details
722Safety valve 12435LBH 31.5Details
723Double check valve TGL 10973A 10-16LBH 31.5
724Shaft sealing ring45x62x12mmLBH 31.5Details
725Shaft sealing ring 40x56x12mmLBH 31.5Details
726Shaft sealing ring40x56x8mmLBH 31.5Details
727Solenoid steam valve ELV 35008032U3807LBH 31.5
728Turbocharger TK 41B
729Main bearing bush "B" 4108.00.025Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
730Main bearing bush "A"3502.00.032Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
731Plate / Thrust bearing "A"3502.00.040Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
732Plate / Thrust bearing "B"4108.00.080Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
733Bearing4108.00.010Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
734Bearing4108.00.030Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
735Journal bearing4108.00.250Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
736Bush3502.03.102Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
737Bush 4108.03.103Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
738Sealing ring4108.06.107Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
739Labyrinth gasket from CS (1kit=11pcs)4108.06.011-01Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
740Labyrinth gasket from TS (1kit=5pcs)4108.06.011Turbocharger TK 41BDetails
741Toe3502.06.050Turbocharger TK 41B
742Compressor S3-315
743Shaft seal complete GLRD 92-BO40 S5-ARNGE GN-75.1B-4050172009Compressor S3-315
744Castle-type nut DIN 981 BM48x1,5 TGL 20149BM4815Compressor S3-315Details
745Locating washer DIN 70952 48x1,5 TGL 20149 A48Compressor S3-315Details
746Compressor S3-900
747Shaft seal complete GLRD 92-B065 S5-AQ2NGE 50314 / 50182018GN75.IB-65Compressor S3-900Details
748Shaft seal complete 362998887Compressor S3-900Details
749Shaft seal complete for pump 100/4LGN64.12-30L0-SBVFFCompressor S3-900
750Shaft seal complete for pump Bf9,0 GN64.12-28L0-SBVFFCompressor S3-900
751Coupling for pump BF9,0KTR 1Compressor S3-900Details
752Piston ring 140 with Miramid465198094Compressor S3-900
753Nutring set753198004Compressor S3-900
754Nutring 105x125x7,50411480Compressor S3-900Details
755Nutring 105x125x10 753198004Compressor S3-900
756Locating washer 24x1,5 TGL20150543910120Compressor S3-900
757Locating washer 64x1,5 64 TGL20151 543610527Compressor S3-900Details
758Locating washer 30x1,5 30 TGL20151543610513Compressor S3-900Details
759Slide bearing003421 161586Compressor S3-900
760PTFE-ring044210Compressor S3-900
761Supply regulation plate complete2106710Compressor S3-900
762Spring lock washer 8543811008Compressor S3-900Details
763Slotted nut AM 24x1,5537710019Compressor S3-900Details
764Slotted nut BM 64x1,5537710054Compressor S3-900Details
765Slotted nut AM 30x1,5537710025Compressor S3-900Details
766Belleville washer TGL 18399 B50SCompressor S3-900
767Outer lip ring A125 TGL 6359UNA 125x105x16Compressor S3-900Details
768Spring ring 100x3,2Compressor S3-900
769Rubber buffer 14 497898065Compressor S3-900Details
770Rubber buffer 16497898061Compressor S3-900Details
771Balancing piston0268340Compressor S3-900
772Balancing piston bush0034710Compressor S3-900Details
773Spacer ring0442040Compressor S3-900
774Hydraulic cylinderB2-32/14x40Compressor S3-900Details
775Compressor S3-1800
776Shaft seal complete / GLRD 92-B085 S5-AQ2NGEGN75.IB-85Compressor S3-1800Details
777Slotted nut BM 85x2537710066Compressor S3-1800Details
778Locating washer026833.028080Compressor S3-1800Details
779Filter insertFE 160x50/455Compressor S3-1800Details
780Slide bearing bush724970Compressor S3-1800
781Rubber buffer 22Compressor S3-1800Details
782Compressor S3-2500
783Shaft seal complete Compressor S3-2500
784Piston280098892Compressor S3-2500Details
785Cylinder161672336Compressor S3-2500Details
786Balancing piston20754055Compressor S3-2500Details
787Discharge sleeve 0588520Compressor S3-2500Details
788Silphone insert Dn 10-15 TGL 28426Compressor S3-2500Details
789Silphone insert Dn 20 TGL 28426163.01.1710.120.0Compressor S3-2500Details
790Silphone insert Dn 25 TGL 28426163.01.1712.120.0Compressor S3-2500Details
791Silphone insert Dn 32 TGL 28426163.01.1713.120.0Compressor S3-2500Details
792Silphone insert Dn 40 TGL 28426163.01.1714.120.0Compressor S3-2500Details
793Silphone insert Dn 50 TGL 28426163.01.1715.120.0Compressor S3-2500Details
794Silphone insert Dn 65 TGL 28426163.01.1717.120.0Compressor S3-2500Details
795Silphone insert Dn 80 TGL 28426163.01.1718.120.0Compressor S3-2500Details
796Silphone insert Dn 100 TGL 28426163.01.1719.120.0Compressor S3-2500Details
797Flat sealing ring, 48x32x4 163.01.1714.144.2Compressor S3-2500
798Compressor RC 411
799Non-return valve06.27.505Compressor RC 411Details
800Freezer freon plate plant 32 STNVT
801Oil filter insertAO 6443 P25Freezer freon plate plant 32 STNVTDetails
802Plate freezer FGP 25-3
803Cooler frame 840x400x60Plate freezer FGP 25-3Details
804Small cap for press. spring 20x18x12Plate freezer FGP 25-3Details
805Polyvinyl cap for press. spring20x18x33Plate freezer FGP 25-3Details
806Steel-aluminium pipe for frame connection225743*86162Plate freezer FGP 25-3Details
807Al-St pipe for block form306410Plate freezer FGP 25-3Details
808Al-steel pipe, new type 306410Plate freezer FGP 25-3
809Pushing springB3,2x16x11,5Plate freezer FGP 25-3Details
810Isolating bush029620:86160Plate freezer FGP 25-3
811Bearing bush 0247670Plate freezer FGP 25-3Details
812Compressor TCMO-28
813Strainer type FA 15 complete1375-169Compressor TCMO-28Details
814Compressor TSMC-100-16 R22
815Piston ring chrome 3125-130Compressor TSMC-100-16 R22Details
816Compressor SMC180
817Half section bearing, dia-1352133.005Compressor SMC180
818Compressor LMF
819Pipe TR15/12 WNFCompressor LMFDetails
820Pipe TR22/20Compressor LMFDetails
821Freon screw Compressor STAL SRM S24C-40
822Spiral pin 3x103921 1112 205Freon screw Compressor STAL SRM S24C-40Details
823Compressor H2-20/3-058/12
824Gasket (head/vlv. Plate) pos. 3/9350.065/2-401:003/2Compressor H2-20/3-058/12
825Compressor H2-28
826Gasket C6/12MBSN42530Compressor H2-28Details
828Bearing 1311BearingsDetails
829Bearing BeCo 6212.BHT.C4.ZZ.200?BearingsDetails
830BearingFAG 7310-B-TVPBearings
831BearingSKF 7310 BECBMBearings
832Bearing, steel insert SKF 7313 BEGAFBearingsDetails
833Bearing, steel insert SKF 7317 BEGAFBearingsDetails
834Bearing6307 M/C3BearingsDetails
835BearingFAG 30308ABearingsDetails
836Bearing FAG 6314M.C3Bearings
837Radial ball bearingDKF Q206Bearings
838Radial ball bearing DKF Q305Bearings
839Radial ball bearing DKF Q306Bearings
840Radial ball bearing DKF Q307Bearings
841BearingQ 307.MBearings
842Four point bearingDKF Q 307. TNGBearings
843Radial ball bearingDKF Q308Bearings
844Radial ball bearing DKF Q309Bearings
845Radial ball bearing DKF Q310Bearings
846Radial ball bearing DKF Q312Bearings
847Radial ball bearing FAG / DKF 6004Bearings
849BearingNSK 51206Bearings
850Bearing30205 ABearings
851BearingDKF NU4908Bearings
853O-rings freon resistant TGL 6365 WS 13.098
854O-ring, freon resistant12x1,5 O-rings freon resistant
855O-ring, freon resistant10x1,7 O-rings freon resistant
856O-ring, freon resistant9,95x1,8 O-rings freon resistant
857O-ring, freon resistant6x2 O-rings freon resistant
858O-ring, freon resistant6x2,5 O-rings freon resistant
859O-ring, freon resistant9x2 O-rings freon resistant
860O-ring, freon resistant10x2 O-rings freon resistant
861O-ring, freon resistant12x2 O-rings freon resistant
862O-ring, freon resistant18x2 O-rings freon resistant
863O-ring, freon resistant20x2 O-rings freon resistant
864O-ring, freon resistant22x2 O-rings freon resistant
865O-ring, freon resistant23x2 O-rings freon resistant
866O-ring, freon resistant25x2 O-rings freon resistant
867O-ring, freon resistant30x2 O-rings freon resistant
868O-ring, freon resistant32x2 O-rings freon resistant
869O-ring, freon resistant34x2 O-rings freon resistant
870O-ring, freon resistant36x2 O-rings freon resistant
871O-ring, freon resistant40x2 O-rings freon resistant
872O-ring, freon resistant45x2 O-rings freon resistant
873O-ring, freon resistant48x2 O-rings freon resistant
874O-ring, freon resistant50x2 O-rings freon resistant
875O-ring, freon resistant51x2 O-rings freon resistant
876O-ring, freon resistant52x2 O-rings freon resistant
877O-ring, freon resistant53x2 O-rings freon resistant
878O-ring, freon resistant56x2 O-rings freon resistant
879O-ring, freon resistant58x2 O-rings freon resistant
880O-ring, freon resistant63x2 O-rings freon resistant
881O-ring, freon resistant65x2 O-rings freon resistant
882O-ring, freon resistant80x2 O-rings freon resistant
883O-ring, freon resistant85x2 O-rings freon resistant
884O-ring, freon resistant180x2 O-rings freon resistant
885O-ring, freon resistant10x2,5 O-rings freon resistant
886O-ring, freon resistant14x2,5 O-rings freon resistant
887O-ring, freon resistant17x2,5 O-rings freon resistant
888O-ring, freon resistant82x2,5 O-rings freon resistant
889O-ring, freon resistant12x2,8 O-rings freon resistant
890O-ring, freon resistant16x2,8 O-rings freon resistant
891O-ring, freon resistant17x2,8 O-rings freon resistant
892O-ring, freon resistant18x2,8 O-rings freon resistant
893O-ring, freon resistant8x3 O-rings freon resistant
894O-ring, freon resistant9x3 O-rings freon resistant
895O-ring, freon resistant12x3 O-rings freon resistant
896O-ring, freon resistant13x3 O-rings freon resistant
897O-ring, freon resistant14x3 O-rings freon resistant
898O-ring, freon resistant16x3 O-rings freon resistant
899O-ring, freon resistant17x3 O-rings freon resistant
900O-ring, freon resistant18x3 O-rings freon resistant
901O-ring, freon resistant20x3 O-rings freon resistant
902O-ring, freon resistant22x3 O-rings freon resistant
903O-ring, freon resistant23x3 O-rings freon resistant
904O-ring, freon resistant24x3 O-rings freon resistant
905O-ring, freon resistant26x3 O-rings freon resistant
906O-ring, freon resistant27x3 O-rings freon resistant
907O-ring, freon resistant28x3 O-rings freon resistant
908O-ring, freon resistant30x3 O-rings freon resistant
909O-ring, freon resistant32x3 O-rings freon resistant
910O-ring, freon resistant34x3 O-rings freon resistant
911O-ring, freon resistant35x3 O-rings freon resistant
912O-ring, freon resistant36x3 O-rings freon resistant
913O-ring, freon resistant38x3 O-rings freon resistant
914O-ring, freon resistant40x3 O-rings freon resistant
915O-ring, freon resistant42x3 O-rings freon resistant
916O-ring, freon resistant45x3 O-rings freon resistant
917O-ring, freon resistant46x3 O-rings freon resistant
918O-ring, freon resistant47x3 O-rings freon resistant
919O-ring, freon resistant48x3 O-rings freon resistant
920O-ring, freon resistant49,5x3 O-rings freon resistant
921O-ring, freon resistant50x3 O-rings freon resistant
922O-ring, freon resistant55x3 O-rings freon resistant
923O-ring, freon resistant56x3 O-rings freon resistant
924O-ring, freon resistant58x3 O-rings freon resistant
925O-ring, freon resistant60x3 O-rings freon resistant
926O-ring, freon resistant63x3 O-rings freon resistant
927O-ring, freon resistant65x3 O-rings freon resistant
928O-ring, freon resistant70x3 O-rings freon resistant
929O-ring, freon resistant72x3 O-rings freon resistant
930O-ring, freon resistant73x3 O-rings freon resistant
931O-ring, freon resistant75x3 O-rings freon resistant
932O-ring, freon resistant80x3 O-rings freon resistant
933O-ring, freon resistant85x3 O-rings freon resistant
934O-ring, freon resistant90x3 O-rings freon resistant
935O-ring, freon resistant92x3 O-rings freon resistant
936O-ring, freon resistant100x3 O-rings freon resistant
937O-ring, freon resistant105x3 O-rings freon resistant
938O-ring, freon resistant110x3 O-rings freon resistant
939O-ring, freon resistant125x3 O-rings freon resistant
940O-ring, freon resistant130x3 O-rings freon resistant
941O-ring, freon resistant160x3 O-rings freon resistant
942O-ring, freon resistant165x3 O-rings freon resistant
943O-ring, freon resistant172x3 O-rings freon resistant
944O-ring, freon resistant195x3 O-rings freon resistant
945O-ring, freon resistant29x3,5 O-rings freon resistant
946O-ring, freon resistant30x3,5 O-rings freon resistant
947O-ring, freon resistant40x3,5 O-rings freon resistant
948O-ring, freon resistant42x3,5 O-rings freon resistant
949O-ring, freon resistant45x3,5 O-rings freon resistant
950O-ring, freon resistant48x3,5 O-rings freon resistant
951O-ring, freon resistant105x3,5 O-rings freon resistant
952O-ring, freon resistant110x3,5 O-rings freon resistant
953O-ring, freon resistant28,17x3,53 O-rings freon resistant
954O-ring, freon resistant75,79x3,53 O-rings freon resistant
955O-ring, freon resistant151,99x3,53 O-rings freon resistant
956O-ring, freon resistant21x3,6 O-rings freon resistant
957O-ring, freon resistant26x3,6 O-rings freon resistant
958O-ring, freon resistant22x3,8 O-rings freon resistant
959O-ring, freon resistant25x3,8 O-rings freon resistant
960O-ring, freon resistant33x3,8 O-rings freon resistant
961O-ring, freon resistant15x4 O-rings freon resistant
962O-ring, freon resistant16x4 O-rings freon resistant
963O-ring, freon resistant27x4 O-rings freon resistant
964O-ring, freon resistant30x4 O-rings freon resistant
965O-ring, freon resistant36x4 O-rings freon resistant
966O-ring, freon resistant42x4O-rings freon resistant
967O-ring, freon resistant45x4 O-rings freon resistant
968O-ring, freon resistant54x4 O-rings freon resistant
969O-ring, freon resistant72x4 O-rings freon resistant
970O-ring, freon resistant85x4 O-rings freon resistant
971O-ring, freon resistant92x4 O-rings freon resistant
972O-ring, freon resistant150x4 O-rings freon resistant
973O-ring, freon resistant200x4 O-rings freon resistant
974O-ring, freon resistant76x4,5 O-rings freon resistant
975O-ring, freon resistant15x5 O-rings freon resistant
976O-ring, freon resistant22x5 O-rings freon resistant
977O-ring, freon resistant25x5 O-rings freon resistant
978O-ring, freon resistant30x5 O-rings freon resistant
979O-ring, freon resistant32x5 O-rings freon resistant
980O-ring, freon resistant40x5 O-rings freon resistant
981O-ring, freon resistant42x5 O-rings freon resistant
982O-ring, freon resistant45x5 O-rings freon resistant
983O-ring, freon resistant50x5 O-rings freon resistant
984O-ring, freon resistant52x5 O-rings freon resistant
985O-ring, freon resistant55x5 O-rings freon resistant
986O-ring, freon resistant60x5 O-rings freon resistant
987O-ring, freon resistant65x5 O-rings freon resistant
988O-ring, freon resistant70x5 O-rings freon resistant
989O-ring, freon resistant72x5 O-rings freon resistant
990O-ring, freon resistant74,5x5 O-rings freon resistant
991O-ring, freon resistant76x5 O-rings freon resistant
992O-ring, freon resistant80x5 O-rings freon resistant
993O-ring, freon resistant85x5 O-rings freon resistant
994O-ring, freon resistant90x5 O-rings freon resistant
995O-ring, freon resistant91x5 O-rings freon resistant
996O-ring, freon resistant92x5 O-rings freon resistant
997O-ring, freon resistant95x5 O-rings freon resistant
998O-ring, freon resistant98x5 O-rings freon resistant
999O-ring, freon resistant100x5 O-rings freon resistant
1000O-ring, freon resistant105x5 O-rings freon resistant
1001O-ring, freon resistant108x5 O-rings freon resistant
1002O-ring, freon resistant110x5 O-rings freon resistant
1003O-ring, freon resistant115x5 O-rings freon resistant
1004O-ring, freon resistant120x5 O-rings freon resistant
1005O-ring, freon resistant125x5 O-rings freon resistant
1006O-ring, freon resistant130x5 O-rings freon resistant
1007O-ring, freon resistant133x5 O-rings freon resistant
1008O-ring, freon resistant140x5 O-rings freon resistant
1009O-ring, freon resistant145x5 O-rings freon resistant
1010O-ring, freon resistant150x5 O-rings freon resistant
1011O-ring, freon resistant160x5 O-rings freon resistant
1012O-ring, freon resistant165x5 O-rings freon resistant
1013O-ring, freon resistant170x5 O-rings freon resistant
1014O-ring, freon resistant175x5 O-rings freon resistant
1015O-ring, freon resistant180x5 O-rings freon resistant
1016O-ring, freon resistant190x5 O-rings freon resistant
1017O-ring, freon resistant200x5 O-rings freon resistant
1018O-ring, freon resistant210x5 O-rings freon resistant
1019O-ring, freon resistant220x5 O-rings freon resistant
1020O-ring, freon resistant260x5 O-rings freon resistant
1021O-ring, freon resistant440x5 O-rings freon resistant
1022O-ring, freon resistant180x5,6 O-rings freon resistant
1023O-ring, freon resistant99,3x5,7 O-rings freon resistant
1024O-ring, freon resistant30x6 O-rings freon resistant
1025O-ring, freon resistant48x6 O-rings freon resistant
1026O-ring, freon resistant64x6 O-rings freon resistant
1027O-ring, freon resistant80x6 O-rings freon resistant
1028O-ring, freon resistant89x6 O-rings freon resistant
1029O-ring, freon resistant96x6 O-rings freon resistant
1030O-ring, freon resistant115x6 O-rings freon resistant
1031O-ring, freon resistant125x6 O-rings freon resistant
1032O-ring, freon resistant140x6 O-rings freon resistant
1033O-ring, freon resistant160x6 O-rings freon resistant
1034O-ring, freon resistant175x6 O-rings freon resistant
1035O-ring, freon resistant176x6 O-rings freon resistant
1036O-ring, freon resistant180x6 O-rings freon resistant
1037O-ring, freon resistant190x6 O-rings freon resistant
1038O-ring, freon resistant218x6 O-rings freon resistant
1039O-ring, freon resistant220x6 O-rings freon resistant
1040O-ring, freon resistant236x6 O-rings freon resistant
1041O-ring, freon resistant240x6 O-rings freon resistant
1042O-ring, freon resistant250x6 O-rings freon resistant
1043O-ring, freon resistant265x6 O-rings freon resistant
1044O-ring, freon resistant280x6 O-rings freon resistant
1045O-ring, freon resistant290x6 O-rings freon resistant
1046O-ring, freon resistant400x6 O-rings freon resistant
1047O-ring, freon resistant440x6 O-rings freon resistant
1048O-ring, freon resistant490x6 O-rings freon resistant
1049O-ring, freon resistant50x7 O-rings freon resistant
1050O-ring, freon resistant308x7 O-rings freon resistant
1051O-ring, freon resistant95x8 O-rings freon resistant
1052O-ring, freon resistant100x8 O-rings freon resistant
1053O-ring, freon resistant175x8 O-rings freon resistant
1054O-ring, freon resistant180x8 O-rings freon resistant
1055O-ring, freon resistant190x8 O-rings freon resistant
1056Sealing rings
1057Shaft sealing ring NAK20x30x7Sealing rings
1058Radial seal12x24x7Sealing rings
1059Radial shaft seal, BASL20x42x7Sealing rings
1060Radial shaft seal90x110x7,5Sealing rings
1061Seal55x65x8Sealing rings
1062Pump shaft oil seal65x90x10Sealing rings
1063Scraper ring TGL17570 WS1.959 A1414x20x3-5Sealing rings
1064Scraper ring TGL17570 A1818x26x5Sealing rings
1065Scraper ring TGL17570 A2222x30x80Sealing rings
1066Scraper ring TGL17570 A2525x34x8Sealing rings
1067Scraper ring TGL17570 A3636x44x4-7Sealing rings
1068Scraper ring TGL17570 A40 WSI1.95940x48x4/7Sealing rings
1069Inner lip ring TGL6357 WS1.957 B1414x25x8 BSealing rings
1070Inner lip ring TGL6357 NBR 18x28x8Sealing rings
1071Inner lip ring TGL6357 NBR 22x32x8Sealing rings
1072Inner lip ring TGL6357 NBR 25x36x8,5Sealing rings
1073Inner lip ring TGL3448228x33x6Sealing rings
1074Inner lip ring TGL6357 NBR 28x40x10/8Sealing rings
1075Inner lip seal TGL6357 WS1.959 B3636x50x10Sealing rings
1076Radial seal B36 WS1.959 TGL635736x50x12Sealing rings
1077Inner lip seal WS1.95920x30x7,5Sealing rings
1078Inner lip seal B40 WS1.959 TGL6357 NBR40x56x12Sealing rings
1079Inner lip seal TGL6357 NBR 45x63x12Sealing rings
1080Seal ring inner77x56x10Sealing rings
1081Outer lip seal TGL3448332x27x6Sealing rings
1082Outer lip seal TGL3448340x34x8Sealing rings
1083Outer lip seal TGL34483, WS1.95750x44x8Sealing rings
1084Outer lip seal A63 TGL6359 NBR63x45x12Sealing rings
1085Outer lip seal type 21 NBR9063x45x13/12Sealing rings
1086Outer lip seal TGL3448363x57x8Sealing rings
1087Outer lip seal A80 TGL6359 NBR80x63x16Sealing rings
1088Outer lip seal TGL34483 NBR80x72x10Sealing rings
1089Hose-ring (rubber sleeve)18x28x24Sealing rings
1090Shaft sealing ring190x220x12Sealing rings
1091Seal ring U200x230x15Sealing rings
1092Shaft seal AN36x54x7Sealing rings
1093Shaft seal55x72x10Sealing rings
1094Shaft seal A55x75x10Sealing rings
1095Shaft seal A100x125x12Sealing rings
1096Shaft seal SC170x200x12Sealing rings
1097Shaft seal A170x200x15Sealing rings
1098Shaft seal A190x220x15Sealing rings
1099 O-rings
1100O-ring NBR4x1O-rings
1101O-ring NBR12x1O-rings
1102O-ring NBR18x1O-rings
1103O-ring NBR5x1,5O-rings
1104O-ring NBR6x1,5O-rings
1105O-ring NBR7x1,5O-rings
1106O-ring NBR8,5x1,5O-rings
1107O-ring NBR11x1,5O-rings
1108O-ring NBR3,2x1,6O-rings
1109O-ring NBR9,25x1,78O-rings
1110O-ring NBR10,82x1,78O-rings
1111O-ring NBR12,42x1,78O-rings
1112O-ring NBR15,6x1,78O-rings
1113O-ring NBR17,17x1,78O-rings
1114O-ring NBR18,77x1,78O-rings
1115O-ring NBR25,12x1,78O-rings
1116O-ring NBR29,87x1,78O-rings
1117O-ring NBR3,9x1,8O-rings
1118O-ring NBR3x2O-rings
1119O-ring NBR3,5x2O-rings
1120O-ring NBR8x2O-rings
1121O-ring NBR10x2O-rings
1122O-ring NBR12x2O-rings
1123O-ring NBR14x2O-rings
1124O-ring NBR16x2O-rings
1125O-ring NBR16x2O-rings
1126O-ring NBR20x2O-rings
1127O-ring NBR21x2O-rings
1128O-ring NBR22x2O-rings
1129O-ring NBR23x2O-rings
1130O-ring NBR24x2O-rings
1131O-ring NBR25x2O-rings
1132O-ring NBR25x2O-rings
1133O-ring NBR26x2O-rings
1134O-ring NBR28x2O-rings
1135O-ring NBR32x2 O-rings
1136O-ring NBR34x2 O-rings
1137O-ring NBR36x2O-rings
1138O-ring, viton36x2O-rings
1139O-ring NBR38x2O-rings
1140O-ring NBR40x2O-rings
1141O-ring NBR45x2O-rings
1142O-ring, viton45x2O-rings
1143O-ring NBR52x2O-rings
1144O-ring NBR63x2O-rings
1145O-ring NBR65x2O-rings
1146O-ring NBR70x2O-rings
1147O-ring NBR75x2O-rings
1148O-ring NBR80x2O-rings
1149O-ring NBR95x2O-rings
1150O-ring NBR100x2O-rings
1151O-ring NBR5,3x2,4O-rings
1152O-ring NBR9,3x2,4O-rings
1153O-ring, viton9,3x2,4O-rings
1154O-ring NBR10,3x2,4O-rings
1155O-ring, viton10,3x2,4O-rings
1156O-ring, viton17,3x2,4O-rings
1157O-ring NBR19,3x2,4O-rings
1158O-ring NBR21,3x2,4O-rings
1159O-ring NBR26,3x2,4O-rings
1160O-ring NBR27,3x2,4O-rings
1161O-ring, viton4,6x2,5O-rings
1162O-ring NBR12x2,5O-rings
1163O-ring NBR13x2,5O-rings
1164O-ring NBR14x2,5O-rings
1165O-ring NBR22x2,5O-rings
1166O-ring NBR50x2,5O-rings
1167O-ring, viton34x2,62O-rings
1168O-ring NBR34,59x2,62O-rings
1169O-ring NBR39,34x2,62O-rings
1170O-ring NBR9,6x2,9O-rings
1171O-ring NBR8x3O-rings
1172O-ring NBR10x3O-rings
1173O-ring NBR12x3O-rings
1174O-ring NBR13,3x3O-rings
1175O-ring NBR14x3O-rings
1176O-ring NBR15x3O-rings
1177O-ring NBR16x3O-rings
1178O-ring NBR18x3 O-rings
1179O-ring NBR18,2x3 O-rings
1180O-ring NBR20x3O-rings
1181O-ring NBR22,2x3O-rings
1182O-ring NBR23x3O-rings
1183O-ring NBR23,2x3O-rings
1184O-ring NBR24x3O-rings
1185O-ring NBR25x3O-rings
1186O-ring, viton25x3O-rings
1187O-ring NBR25,2x3O-rings
1188O-ring NBR26x3O-rings
1189O-ring NBR26x3O-rings
1190O-ring NBR26,2x3O-rings
1191O-ring NBR28x3 O-rings
1192O-ring NBR29,2x3O-rings
1193O-ring, viton29,2x3O-rings
1194O-ring, viton30x3O-rings
1195O-ring NBR30,2x3O-rings
1196O-ring NBR32x3O-rings
1197O-ring NBR32x3O-rings
1198O-ring, viton32x3O-rings
1199O-ring, viton32,2x3O-rings
1200O-ring NBR32,3x3O-rings
1201O-ring NBR 33x3O-rings
1202O-ring NBR34x3O-rings
1203O-ring, viton34x3O-rings
1204O-ring NBR36x3O-rings
1205O-ring NBR38x3O-rings
1206O-ring NBR36,2x3O-rings
1207O-ring NBR38,2x3O-rings
1208O-ring NBR39,2x3O-rings
1209O-ring NBR40x3O-rings
1210O-ring NBR44,2x3O-rings
1211O-ring, viton44,2x3O-rings
1212O-ring NBR45x3O-rings
1213O-ring NBR45,2x3O-rings
1214O-ring NBR46x3O-rings
1215O-ring NBR48x3O-rings
1216O-ring NBR 50x3O-rings
1217O-ring NBR54,5x3O-rings
1218O-ring NBR55x3O-rings
1219O-ring NBR56x3O-rings
1220O-ring NBR56,2x3O-rings
1221O-ring NBR60x3O-rings
1222O-ring, viton60x3O-rings
1223O-ring NBR64,5x3O-rings
1224O-ring NBR80x3O-rings
1225O-ring, viton80x3O-rings
1226O-ring NBR 88x3O-rings
1227O-ring NBR90x3O-rings
1228O-ring NBR100x3 O-rings
1229O-ring NBR104,5x3O-rings
1230O-ring NBR110x3O-rings
1231O-ring NBR112x3O-rings
1232O-ring NBR130x3O-rings
1233O-ring NBR132x3O-rings
1234O-ring NBR150x3O-rings
1235O-ring NBR170x3O-rings
1236O-ring NBR200x3O-rings
1237O-ring, viton217x3O-rings
1238O-ring, viton255x3O-rings
1239O-ring NBR 21x3,5O-rings
1240O-ring NBR28x3,5O-rings
1241O-ring NBR29,7x3,5O-rings
1242O-ring NBR30x3,5O-rings
1243O-ring NBR34x3,5O-rings
1244O-ring NBR36x3,5O-rings
1245O-ring NBR 38x3,5O-rings
1246O-ring NBR 39x3,5O-rings
1247O-ring NBR 40x3,5O-rings
1248O-ring NBR 43x3,5O-rings
1249O-ring NBR45x3,5 O-rings
1250O-ring NBR 50x3,5O-rings
1251O-ring NBR54x3,5O-rings
1252O-ring NBR63,1x3,5O-rings
1253O-ring NBR 70x3,5O-rings
1254O-ring NBR90x3,5O-rings
1255O-ring NBR 132x3,5O-rings
1256O-ring NBR 150x3,5O-rings
1257O-ring NBR 160x3,5O-rings
1258O-ring, viton160x3,5O-rings
1259O-ring NBR 170x3,5O-rings
1260O-ring, viton219x3,5O-rings
1261O-ring NBR 32,93x3,53O-rings
1262O-ring, viton37,69x3,53O-rings
1263O-ring NBR 50,39x3,53O-rings
1264O-ring NBR 53,98x3,53O-rings
1265O-ring NBR 139,3x3,53O-rings
1266O-ring NBR 164,7x3,53O-rings
1267O-ring NBR33,5x3,55O-rings
1268O-ring NBR15,6x3,6O-rings
1269O-ring, viton43x3,6O-rings
1270O-ring NBR 13x4O-rings
1271O-ring NBR 28x4O-rings
1272O-ring NBR 36x4O-rings
1273O-ring NBR45x4O-rings
1274O-ring NBR 50x4O-rings
1275O-ring NBR52x4O-rings
1276O-ring NBR 85x4O-rings
1277O-ring NBR 90x4O-rings
1278O-ring NBR 120x4O-rings
1279O-ring NBR132x4O-rings
1280O-ring NBR145x4O-rings
1281O-ring NBR170x4O-rings
1282O-ring NBR360x4O-rings
1283O-ring, viton450x4O-rings
1284O-ring NBR810x4O-rings
1285O-ring NBR95x4,5O-rings
1286O-ring NBR17x5O-rings
1287O-ring NBR25x5O-rings
1288O-ring NBR30x5O-rings
1289O-ring NBR32x5O-rings
1290O-ring NBR33x5O-rings
1291O-ring NBR36x5O-rings
1292O-ring NBR37x5O-rings
1293O-ring NBR38,2x5O-rings
1294O-ring NBR40x5O-rings
1295O-ring NBR45x5O-rings
1296O-ring, silicone45x5O-rings
1297O-ring NBR48x5O-rings
1298O-ring NBR50x5O-rings
1299O-ring NBR55x5O-rings
1300O-ring NBR57x5O-rings
1301O-ring NBR60x5O-rings
1302O-ring NBR65x5O-rings
1303O-ring NBR70x5O-rings
1304O-ring NBR75x5O-rings
1305O-ring NBR80x5O-rings
1306O-ring NBR82x5O-rings
1307O-ring NBR85x5O-rings
1308O-ring NBR100x5O-rings
1309O-ring NBR105x5O-rings
1310O-ring NBR120x5 O-rings
1311O-ring, viton150x5O-rings
1312O-ring NBR160x5O-rings
1313O-ring NBR170x5O-rings
1314O-ring NBR190x5O-rings
1315O-ring NBR210x5O-rings
1316O-ring NBR250x5O-rings
1317O-ring NBR270x5O-rings
1318O-ring NBR345x5O-rings
1319O-ring NBR440x5 O-rings
1320O-ring NBR500x5O-rings
1321O-ring NBR43,8x5,3O-rings
1322O-ring NBR86x5,3O-rings
1323O-ring NBR53,34x5,33O-rings
1324O-ring NBR148,59x5,33O-rings
1325O-ring, viton174x5,33O-rings
1326O-ring NBR38x5,4O-rings
1327O-ring, viton175x5,5O-rings
1328O-ring, viton45x5,7O-rings
1329O-ring NBR45,3x5,7O-rings
1330O-ring NBR49,2x5,7O-rings
1331O-ring NBR52,2x5,7O-rings
1332O-ring NBR55,3x5,7O-rings
1333O-ring NBR59,2x5,7O-rings
1334O-ring NBR69,2x5,7O-rings
1335O-ring NBR74,2x5,7O-rings
1336O-ring NBR79,2x5,7O-rings
1337O-ring NBR92,2x5,7O-rings
1338O-ring NBR99,2x5,7O-rings
1339O-ring NBR109,2x5,7O-rings
1340O-ring NBR114,2x5,7O-rings
1341O-ring NBR119,2x5,7O-rings
1342O-ring, viton119,2x5,7O-rings
1343O-ring NBR124,2x5,7O-rings
1344O-ring NBR139,2x5,7O-rings
1345O-ring, viton144,3x5,7O-rings
1346O-ring NBR149,2x5,7O-rings
1347O-ring NBR159,2x5,7O-rings
1348O-ring NBR174,2x5,7O-rings
1349O-ring NBR179,2x5,7O-rings
1350O-ring, viton189,3x5,7O-rings
1351O-ring NBR199,2x5,7O-rings
1352O-ring NBR209,2x5,7O-rings
1353O-ring NBR219,3x5,7O-rings
1354O-ring NBR374x5,7O-rings
1355O-ring NBR14x6,5O-rings
1356O-ring NBR40x6O-rings
1357O-ring NBR170x6O-rings
1358O-ring NBR175x6O-rings
1359O-ring NBR190x6O-rings
1360O-ring NBR270x6O-rings
1361O-ring NBR280x6O-rings
1362O-ring NBR350x6O-rings
1363O-ring NBR400x6O-rings
1364O-ring NBR229x6,3O-rings
1365O-ring NBR18x7O-rings
1366O-ring NBR98x7O-rings
1367O-ring NBR247x7O-rings
1368O-ring NBR270x7O-rings
1369O-ring, viton735x7O-rings
1370O-ring, viton850x7O-rings
1371O-ring NBR450x8O-rings
1372O-ring NBR460x8O-rings
1373O-ring, silicone500x8O-rings
1374O-ring NBR370x8,4O-rings
1375O-ring NBR311,5x8,5O-rings
1376O-ring, viton590x9O-rings
1377O-ring NBR420x10O-rings
1378O-ring NBR500x10O-rings
1379K5 SZ 70/125BL
1380Electrial flow control (oil)K5 SZ 70/125BL
1381Gasket 7553101:3900:009K5 SZ 70/125BL
1382Coupling disk7553101:3900:012K5 SZ 70/125BL
1383Sulzer 6AL 20/24
1384O-ring H27106Sulzer 6AL 20/24
1385O-ring H27165Sulzer 6AL 20/24
1386Nozzle 159x7x0,280?H27240Sulzer 6AL 20/24
1387O-ring H40070Sulzer 6AL 20/24
1388O-ring H40071Sulzer 6AL 20/24
1389O-ring H55073Sulzer 6AL 20/24
1390O-ring H74149Sulzer 6AL 20/24
1391Sulzer A.D.G. 5ATL 25 H
1392Compression / Piston ring 1 side chrome platedH34026Sulzer A.D.G. 5ATL 25 H
1393Sulzer AL 25/30
1394Main bearing shell,std.size H12020Sulzer AL 25/30
1395O-ring H16192Sulzer AL 25/30
1396Cylinder linerH21401Sulzer AL 25/30
1397Joint ring for cylinder linerH21420Sulzer AL 25/30
1398O-ringH21422Sulzer AL 25/30
1399O-ring H21423Sulzer AL 25/30
1400O-ring H21434Sulzer AL 25/30
1401Rocker armH27046Sulzer AL 25/30
1402Ball pinH27051Sulzer AL 25/30
1403CirclipH27055Sulzer AL 25/30
1404Retaining ringH27056Sulzer AL 25/30
1405Inlet-outlet valve spindle H27076Sulzer AL 25/30
1406JointH27093Sulzer AL 25/30
1407Clamping ringH27094Sulzer AL 25/30
1408Rubber jointH27096Sulzer AL 25/30
1409Seal ringH27102Sulzer AL 25/30
1410Joint ringH27103Sulzer AL 25/30
1411O-ringH27106Sulzer AL 25/30
1412O-ringH27106Sulzer AL 25/30
1413O-ringH27108Sulzer AL 25/30
1414O-ringH27109Sulzer AL 25/30
1415O-ringH27110Sulzer AL 25/30
1416Hexagonal screwH27112Sulzer AL 25/30
1417Nozzle holder complete for fuel valveH27201Sulzer AL 25/30
1418Fuel stud for fuel valveH27211Sulzer AL 25/30
1419Push rod for fuel valveH27216Sulzer AL 25/30
1420Spacer H27219Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1421Joint for fuel injectorH27223Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1422O-ringH27224Sulzer AL 25/30
1423Nozzle 150x9x0,285? H27240Sulzer AL 25/30
1424Nozzle 150x9x0,325?H27240Sulzer AL 25/30
1425O-ringH27426Sulzer AL 25/30
1426Piston ringH34026Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1427Piston ringH34027Sulzer AL 25/30
1428Oil scraper ring H34028Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1429Locking ring (ASL 25/30)H34029Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1430TappetH40044Sulzer AL 25/30
1431O-ringH40070Sulzer AL 25/30
1432O-ringH40071Sulzer AL 25/30
1433Plunger & barrell A25/30 20L/HH55030Sulzer AL 25/30
1434Regulating sleeve complete for fuel pumpH55046Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1435Spacer ring for fuel pumpH55051Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1436Delivery valveH55054Sulzer AL 25/30
1437Stop plateH55057Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1438Relief plug complete with ballH55059Sulzer AL 25/30
1439Guide pinH55060Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1440Locking plate for set screwH55067Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1441Set screw with nutH55068Sulzer AL 25/30
1442Circlip H55070Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1443O-ringH55071Sulzer AL 25/30
1444O-ringH55073Sulzer AL 25/30
1445Joint ring for baffle screwH55075Sulzer AL 25/30
1446O-ringH55083Sulzer AL 25/30
1447O-ringH55103Sulzer AL 25/30
1448O-ringH73146Sulzer AL 25/30
1449O-ringH73147Sulzer AL 25/30
1450O-ringH73148Sulzer AL 25/30
1451O-ringH73149Sulzer AL 25/30
1452Bush for cooling water pump ASL 25/30H73168Sulzer AL 25/30
1453Bush for cooling water pumpH73214Sulzer AL 25/30
1454Shaft seal & axial ring complete for cooling water pumpH73219 / 20 Sulzer AL 25/30
1455Drive shaft for cooling water pumpH73223Sulzer AL 25/30
1456O-ringH73233Sulzer AL 25/30
1457Shaft sealH73319Sulzer AL 25/30
1458Shaft sealingH73321Sulzer AL 25/30
1459O-ringH73333Sulzer AL 25/30
1460O-ringH73334Sulzer AL 25/30
1461O-ringH74149Sulzer AL 25/30
1462O-ringH74150Sulzer AL 25/30
1463O-ringH74151Sulzer AL 25/30
1464Spiral gasket "Metaflex"H81153Sulzer AL 25/30
1465Fuel pipeH87075Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1466Fuel filter insertH87511Sulzer AL 25/30
1467O-ringH87650Sulzer AL 25/30
1468Pressure gauge for charge air pressure for AL, ASL, ATL, ATH92062Sulzer AL 25/30
1469Pressure gauge for oil pressure before engine for AL, ASL, ATL, ATH92063Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1470Pressure gauge for cooling water pressure for AL, ASL, ATL, ATH92064Sulzer AL 25/30Details
1471Cylinder cover studH11113Sulzer AL 25/30
1472Connecting rod boltH33030Sulzer AL 25/30
1473BushH40002Sulzer AL 25/30
1474Ball pinH27051Sulzer AL 25/30
1475AxisH40021Sulzer AL 25/30
1476Pusher (bare body)H40026Sulzer AL 25/30
1477Pusher (with tappet)H40027Sulzer AL 25/30
1478Roller H40029Sulzer AL 25/30
1479Roller pin H40032Sulzer AL 25/30
1480Sulzer ASL 25/30
1481Nozzle 158x8x0,375?H27240Sulzer ASL 25/30Details
1482Nozzle 158x9x0,320?RH27240Sulzer ASL 25/30
1483Roller bushH55014Sulzer ASL 25/30
1484Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1485O-ring K11039Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1486O-ringK11040Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1487Main bearing halfK12051Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1488Tubular sealing for K 16101K16104Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1489O-ring K16145Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1490O-ring K16273Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1491O-ring K20169Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1492Sealing ringK21404Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1493O-ring for cylinder linerK21405Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1494O-ringK21406Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1495Cylinder head gasketK21407Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1496Indicator cockK27016Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1497Plate springK27027Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1498Sealing ringK27046Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1499O-ringK27051Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1500O-ringK27055Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1501O-ringK27056Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1502Inlet/ exhaust valve seatK27108Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1503Sealing ringK27113Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1504O-ringK27122Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1505O-ringK27211Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1506O-ringK27212Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1507High pressure fuel valve housingK27255Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1508Spring for fuel pressure valveK27257Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1509GasketK27262Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1510O-ringK27275Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1511O-ringK27276Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1512Piston ring for K27404 K27409Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1513O-ringK27411Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1514SpringK27414Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1515Spring plateK27415Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1516Self-locking nut for K27401K27417Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1517Seal ringK27419Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1518Conical clamping ring 2-partsK27503Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1519Outer valve spring for the inlet and exhaust valveK27504Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1520Inner valve spring for the inlet and exhaust valveK27505Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1521Inlet valve spindle StelliteK27511Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1522Exhaust valve spindleK27521Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1523Rotocap for exhaust valvesK27527Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1524Set conical clamping ring = 2 halvesK27529Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1525O-ringK28044Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1526O-ringK28045Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1527Sealing ringK34144Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1528Piston ringK34401Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1529Oil scraper ring K34410Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1530Guide piston for fuel inj. pump 33/90 ? 125mmK55013/29Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1531Valve actuating rod completeK44114Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1532O-ringK44125Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1533O-ringK44126Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1534O-ringK44140Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1535DU-bushK45026Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1536Cylindric pinK45034Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
15373/2-way magnet valve with coilK46321Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1538Joint ringK46338Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1539Roller insert, stroke 26 (std. pump)K55016Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1540O-ringK55035Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1541O-ringK55036Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1542O-ringK55037Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1543Tubular sealing for air branchesK67029Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1544Spiral gasketK67030Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1545Cylinder liner (made in Germany) with LR-certificateK21401Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1546Nozzle 160x9x0,525?RK27240Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1547Nozzle 160x12x0,475?RK27240Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1548Nozzle 160x12x0,525?RK27240Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1549Plunger & barrelK55050 33/80Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1550Plunger & barrelK55050 33/90Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1551O-ring K74151Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1552O-ringK74151Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1553O-ringK74152Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1554O-ringK74153Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1555Asbestos - steel sealing (spiral gasket)K81130Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1556Compensator (10 segments)K81138Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1557Connecting rod bearingK33210/220Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1558Ball cockDN 16Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1559O-ring145,42x6,99Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48
1560Piston Pos. 614Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1561Adaptor plate For flow control valve K72105Sulzer Z L(V) 40/48Details
1563Set consisting of suction valve drive pusher, adjusting screw and adjusting screw nut (set pos.2-4K)3500/3501/35026TAD 36 ZGODA-SULZERDetails
156412 ZH 40/48
1565O-ringF2140212 ZH 40/48
1567Sealing ring 5,00 (2.41m)1024856SCHOTTEL SRP2020CP
1568Round courd 6,00mmSCHOTTEL SRP2020CP
1569Compressor SC 115
1570O-ring905.03.015.29Compressor SC 115
1571Air compressor SF 125
1572Cylinder liner (334)W58016000033HAir compressor SF 125
1573O-ring145x4Air compressor SF 125
1574O-ring124.2x5.7Air compressor SF 125
1575Piston ringD=125mmAir compressor SF 125Details
1576Piston ringD=107.2mmAir compressor SF 125Details
1577Oil scraper ringD=107.2mmAir compressor SF 125Details
1578CirclipW28Air compressor SF 125
1579Castle nutBM12x1.28-8-11Air compressor SF 125
1580D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1581Valve, inlet 115-2368D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1582Conrod bush118-1655D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1583Potentiomete129-0308D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1584Guide valve173-7188D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1585Ring, piston 7N7078D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1586Bearing sleeve 4P8495D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1587O-ring 145623D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1588Seal 2J0157D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1589Exhaust valve insert1W1801TD.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1590Oil filter element assy1R0726D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1591Lock valve half5111337D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1592Exhaust valve stellite 115-23677N4580D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1593Exhaust insert 1W-52839S9699D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1594Valve lock half shell2A4429D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1595Inlet insert4N5893D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1596Rotocoil 6N7175D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1597Valve service group, replace 7S9891 (for Caterpillar-3304РС)8N8796D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1598Seal (for 3306)2P1692D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1599Seal (for 3306)6L1648D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1600Seal (for 3306)7M8485D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1601Valve spring (For 3306)7S7144D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1602Gasket (for 3306)4M6480D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1603Gasket (for 3306)5S8055D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1604Oil filter 1R-0739D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1605Fuel filter1R-0749D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1606Filter1R-0716D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1607Seal5P9890D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1608Gasket7E3772D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1609Oil-Shield6N7174D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1610Seal O-ring8H7521D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1611O-ring (Viton)8J8725D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1612Hose5P-1253D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1613Seal O-ring5P5846D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1614Liner seat kit 35006V3774D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1615Oil ring 7W2221D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1616Seal3E6772D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1617Seal6L1651D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1618Circlip8N7296D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1619Seal5H6734D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1620Seal2H3932D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1621Seal8J8725D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1622Bush, valve rocke, 35001W4594D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1623Piston ring set1N3967D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1624Gasket2N8204D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1625Seal2S2251D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1626Pre-chamber6N1294D.G. CAT 3508 DI-TA/1
1627Detroit Diesel ADG 6A 71T-Series
1628Water pump body8920916Detroit Diesel ADG 6A 71T-SeriesDetails
1629Seal assembly for water cooling pump8924297Detroit Diesel ADG 6A 71T-Series
1630Detroit Diesel 4A71N / V-71 8
1631Cover5144551Detroit Diesel 4A71N / V-71 8Details
1632Valve kit exh.23500501Detroit Diesel 4A71N / V-71 8Details
1633Pushrod5128640Detroit Diesel 4A71N / V-71 8Details
1634Detroit Diesel 8V-71N;6А-71Т
1635Metallic gasket (liner-head) 5103659Detroit Diesel 8V-71N;6А-71Т
1636Valve stem seal 8921209Detroit Diesel 8V-71N;6А-71Т
1637Detroit 12V-71
1638Shell set STD 5149556Detroit 12V-71
1639Cummins QSK 19
1640Valve collet 3081534Cummins QSK 19
1642Hydraulic hose with fittings GE12 PLR 3/8"600700 + 600604FOR FREEZER V3Details
1643MAN D2866LE
1644Pressure valve81.11108-0020MAN D2866LE
1645Plunger & barrel81.11125-0040MAN D2866LE
1646Plunger & barrel81.11125-0042MAN D2866LE
1647Cylinder liner with sealing51.01201-0309MAN D2866LE
1648Sealing51.01510-0206MAN D2866LE
1649Sealing51.02130-0013MAN D2866LE
1650Rotating ring 51.02130-0032MAN D2866LE
1651Connecting rod bearing STD51.02410-6539MAN D2866LE
1652Connecting rod bearing STD51.02410-6626MAN D2866LE
1653Piston 51.02501-7387MAN D2866LE
1654Piston pin51.02502-0080MAN D2866LE
1655Piston ring set for 1 cylinder51.02503-0554MAN D2866LE
1656Inlet valve spindle 51.04101-0375MAN D2866LE
1657Exhaust valve spindle 51.04101-0447MAN D2866LE
1658Exhaust / inlet rocker arm assembly51.04201-6111MAN D2866LE
1659Rocker arm bracket51.04202-5034MAN D2866LE
1660Adjusting screw51.04205-0021MAN D2866LE
1661Valve tappet51.04301-0065MAN D2866LE
1662Injector nozzle51.10102-0189MAN D2866LE
1663Injection nozzle51.10102-0192MAN D2866LE
1664Injector nozzle 51.10102-0215MAN D2866LE
1665Injector nozzle 51.10102-0193MAN D2866LE
1666Injector 51.10101-7210MAN D2866LE
1667Injection pump 040204681051.11102-7968MAN D2866LE
1668Delivery valve 51.11107-001951.11108-0022MAN D2866LE
1669Hollow screw 51.98150-0080 51.98150-0167MAN D2866LE
1670Sealing ring51.98701-0065MAN D2866LE
1671Thermostat 79?C with air vent valve 51.06402-006151.06402-0064MAN D2866LE
1672Connecting rod screw51.90020-0139MAN D2866LE
1673Cylinder head screw Torx-execution 15x2x168mm51.90490-0022MAN D2866LE
1674Cylinder head screw Torx-execution 15x2x144mm51.90490-0023MAN D2866LE
1675Cylinder head screw Torx-execution 15x2x109mm51.90490-0024MAN D2866LE
1676Hexagonal nut51.90501-0049MAN D2866LE
1677Valve guide STD 51.03201-0088MAN D2866LE
1678Inlet valve seat ring 51.03203-0242MAN D2866LE
1679Exhaust valve seat ring51.03203-0184MAN D2866LE
1680Pressure valve, oil51.05405-7017MAN D2866LE
1681Gasket51.05901-0083MAN D2866LE
1682Carter gasket51.05904-0132MAN D2866LE
1683Water pump with gaskets & o-rings 51.06500-6408MAN D2866LE
1684Water pump with gaskets & o-rings51.06500-6492MAN D2866LE
1685Gasket51.06901-0069MAN D2866LE
1686Gasket51.06901-0111MAN D2866LE
1687Gasket 51.06901-0156MAN D2866LE
1688Gasket51.06901-0160MAN D2866LE
1689Gasket51.06904-0014MAN D2866LE
1690Gasket51.06905-0001MAN D2866LE
1691Gasket51.06905-0002MAN D2866LE
1692Hexagonal screw06.01014-9218MAN D2866LE
1693Hexagonal screw 06.01014-9219MAN D2866LE
1694Hexagonal screw 06.01283-5122MAN D2866LE
1695Hexagonal screw 06.01283-5123MAN D2866LE
1696Hexagonal screw06.01289-0152MAN D2866LE
1697Screw 06.08042-0208MAN D2866LE
1698Screw 06.08042-0609MAN D2866LE
1699Oil scraper cap06.15094-4113MAN D2866LE
1700Circlip 06.29010-0140MAN D2866LE
1701Circlip06.29020-0132MAN D2866LE
1702Circlip06.29020-0136MAN D2866LE
1703Gasket06.56015-0213MAN D2866LE
1704Sealing ring06.56180-0709MAN D2866LE
1705Sealing ring06.56180-0716MAN D2866LE
1706Sealing ring06.56190-0722MAN D2866LE
1707Sealing ring06.56190-0726MAN D2866LE
1708Sealing ring06.56200-0713MAN D2866LE
1709O-ring06.56333-3247MAN D2866LE
1710O-ring06.56341-2122MAN D2866LE
1711O-ring06.56341-2217MAN D2866LE
1712O-ring06.56936-2733MAN D2866LE
1713Set of narrow V-belts06.58072-2402MAN D2866LE
1714Set of narrow V-belts 06.58073-2402MAN D2866LE
1715Set of narrow V-belts 06.58072-1332MAN D2866LE
1716Set of narrow V-belts06.58073-1332MAN D2866LE
1717O-ring06.56930-2083MAN D2866LE
1718Mechanical seal51.06520-0082MAN D2866LE
1719Mechanical seal51.06520-0085MAN D2866LE
1720O-ring51.96501-0127MAN D2866LE
1721O-ring51.96501-0322MAN D2866LE
1722O-ring51.96501-0324MAN D2866LE
1723Sealing ring51.96501-0337MAN D2866LE
1724Double gasket51.96501-0348MAN D2866LE
1725O-ring51.96501-0522MAN D2866LE
1726O-ring51.96501-0544MAN D2866LE
1727Sealing ring51.96501-0493MAN D2866LE
1728Valve cover 81.06110-000751.97141-0006MAN D2866LE
1729Valve cover51.97141-0016MAN D2866LE
1730Pressure spring51.97601-0142MAN D2866LE
1731Deep groove ball bearing51.93410-0015MAN D2866LE
1732Water pump bearing51.93410-0116MAN D2866LE
1733Deep groove ball bearing06.31460-0402MAN D2866LE
1734Ball bearing06.31489-0075MAN D2866LE
1735Shaft seal51.96501-0407MAN D2866LE
1736Mechanical seal51.06520-0056MAN D2866LE
1737Mechanical seal 51.06520-005551.06506-0055MAN D2866LE
1738Impeller51.06506-5001MAN D2866LE
1739Gasket51.08901-0034MAN D2866LE
1740Exhaust manifold gasket 51.08901-0023 51.08901-0099MAN D2866LE
1741Screw 51.90310-0127MAN D2866LE
1742Lock plate51.90801-0075MAN D2866LE
1743Lock plate51.90801-0076MAN D2866LE
1744Seal ring51.96601-0352MAN D2866LE
1745Sealing washer51.96601-0496MAN D2866LE
1746Cylinder head gasket51.03901-0298MAN D2866LE
1747Cylinder head gasket51.03901-0338MAN D2866LE
1748Level sensor 50.27421-0064MAN D2866LE
1749Oil pressure monitor 50.27421-0070MAN D2866LE
1750Starter 5,4kW51.26201-7137MAN D2866LE
1751Speed sensor 51.27120-7030MAN D2866LEDetails
1752Fuel lift pump complete 51.12101-7049MAN D2866LE
1753Shim 0,8mm 81.11308-0015MAN D2866LE
1754Shim 0,85mm81.11308-0016MAN D2866LE
1755Shim 0,90mm81.11308-0017MAN D2866LE
1756Shim 0,95mm81.11308-0018MAN D2866LE
1757Shim 1,00mm51.11308-0010MAN D2866LE
1758Shim 1,05mm81.11308-0001MAN D2866LE
1759Shim 1,10mm81.11308-0002MAN D2866LE
1760Shim 1,15mm81.11308-0003MAN D2866LE
1761Shim 1,18mm81.11308-0062MAN D2866LE
1762Shim 1,20mm81.11308-0004MAN D2866LE
1763Shim 1,25mm81.11308-0005MAN D2866LE
1764Shim 1,30mm81.11308-0006MAN D2866LE
1765Shim 1,35mm51.11308-0011MAN D2866LE
1766Shim 1,40mm81.11308-0007MAN D2866LE
1767Shim 1,45mm 51.11308-0012MAN D2866LE
1768Shim 1,55mm51.11308-0014MAN D2866LE
1769Shim 1,60mm81.11308-0008MAN D2866LE
1770Shim 1,65mm81.11308-0009MAN D2866LE
1771Shim 1,70mm51.11308-0015MAN D2866LE
1772Shim 1,75mm51.11308-0016MAN D2866LE
1773Shim 1,80mm51.11308-0017MAN D2866LE
1774Shim 1,85mm81.11308-0010MAN D2866LE
1775Shim 1,90mm81.11308-0011MAN D2866LE
1776Shim 1,95mm81.11308-0012MAN D2866LE
1777Shim 1,98mm81.11308-0070MAN D2866LE
1778Spring washer81.11308-0013MAN D2866LE
1779Filter bowl non flameproof 81.12102-0002MAN D2866LE
1780Filter strainer F029 81.12104-0003MAN D2866LE
1781Seal ring81.12903-0001MAN D2866LE
1782Speed sensor81.27120-0002MAN D2866LEDetails
1783Angle drive 81.32801-6072MAN D2866LE
1784O-seal81.96501-0577MAN D2866LE
1785O-seal 81.96501-0767MAN D2866LE
1786O-seal 81.96502-0638MAN D2866LE
1787O-seal 81.96502-0897MAN D2866LE
1788O-seal 81.96503-0046MAN D2866LE
1789Spring 81.97602-0157MAN D2866LE
1790O-seal06.56937-1686MAN D2866LE
1791O-seal 06.56938-0522MAN D2866LE
1792Oil filter element 51.05504-0071MAN D2866LE
1793Valve piston51.05511-0002MAN D2866LE
1794Fuel filter 51.12503-0027MAN D2866LE
1795Luboil filter 51.00504-0091MAN D2866LE
1796Fuel filter element 81.12503-0063MAN D2866LE
1797MAN D2840 LE301
1798Toric seal 06.56930-4388MAN D2840 LE301
1799Gasket51.01903-0209MAN D2840 LE301
1800Air filter51.08301-0016MAN D2840 LE301
1801Fuel pump 51.12101-7071MAN D2840 LE301
1802Fuel lift pump 51.12101-7121MAN D2840 LE301
1803Oil cooler / NRF heat exchanger50.06101-7139MAN D2840 LE301
1804Nozzle holder combination51.10100-7383MAN D2840 LE301
1805Injector bush with needle 51.10102-0200MAN D2840 LE301
1806Injection nozzle 6-hole 51.10102-0235MAN D2840 LE301
1807Speed adjuster50.11600-7003MAN D2840 LE301
1808Float magnet switch50.25902-0037MAN D2840 LE301Details
1809Raw water pump50.06500-7013MAN D2840 LE301
1810Raw water pump50.06500-7014MAN D2840 LE301
1811Speed sensor50.27120-7027MAN D2840 LE301
1812Hydro gear pump 51.67501-7004MAN D2840 LE301
1813Powerband 51.96820-0285MAN D2840 LE301
1814Powerband51.96820-0286MAN D2840 LE301
1815Sealing ring51.98701-0086MAN D2840 LE301
1816Sealing rin51.98701-0087MAN D2840 LE301
1817Adapter 08.75300-0000MAN D2840 LE301
1818Feeler 80.99607-0173MAN D2840 LE301
1819Feeler 80.99607-0174MAN D2840 LE301
1820Feeler 80.99607-0175MAN D2840 LE301
1821Feeler 80.99607-0176MAN D2840 LE301
1822Feeler 80.99607-0177MAN D2840 LE301
1823Feeler 80.99607-0178MAN D2840 LE301
1824Feeler80.99607-0179MAN D2840 LE301
1825MAN D0226MLE
1826Main bearing normal 51.01110-6490MAN D0226MLE
1827Raw water pump51.06500-6360MAN D0226MLEDetails
1828Impeller51.06506-0066MAN D0226MLE
1829Gasket51.06901-0075MAN D0226MLE
1830Fuel lift pump51.12101-7136MAN D0226MLE
1831Water pump bearing51.93410-0051MAN D0226MLE
1832S6R2 MPTK MAS 730 Mitsubishi
1833By-pass element 37540-02100S6R2 MPTK MAS 730 Mitsubishi
1834Filter 37540-08511S6R2 MPTK MAS 730 Mitsubishi
1835Fuel filter32562-60200S6R2 MPTK MAS 730 Mitsubishi
1836Fuel filter 32562-60300S6R2 MPTK MAS 730 Mitsubishi
1837Filter 37540-11100S6R2 MPTK MAS 730 Mitsubishi
1838Filter37740-46100S6R2 MPTK MAS 730 Mitsubishi
1839Reintjes gear WAF-641
1840Oil filter element A338591Reintjes gear WAF-641Details
1841Reintjes gear WAF 841
1842Shaft sealing ring E-219Reintjes gear WAF 841
1843Gear Reintjes WAF 843
1844Seal setA437310 / A283Gear Reintjes WAF 843
1846Shaft seal 35012001BAADER
1847Shaft seal 35012005BAADER
1848Special spray 400mlFLC 367BAADER
1849Grease 400gGLS 380/N2BAADER
1850Westfalia Separator OSC-2-066
1851Gear pump R25/8 FL-DBI-C 332442-38068-9100-030Westfalia Separator OSC-2-066Details
1852Bearing bush set for pump 8068-9120-000Westfalia Separator OSC-2-066
1853Scania DS 11 69 M 41 T
1854Nozzle 1 340 593Scania DS 11 69 M 41 T
1855Scania Marine Engine DS 11 R82 ALR
1856Valve seat ring 131356Scania DS 11 R82 ALR
1857Piston0268394Scania DS 11 R82 ALR
1858Compression ring, upper180531Scania DS 11 R82 ALR
1859Compression ring, lower149430Scania DS 11 R82 ALR
1860Oil-scraper ring (173741)170482Scania DS 11 R82 ALR
1861Mercedes-Benz MB 820BB
1862Cylinder cover gasket2 820 016 24 20Mercedes-Benz MB 820BBDetails
1863ME Daihatsu 6DSM-32
1864Con. rod bearing ( A2382-3-001 )E325200010ZDaihatsu 6DSM-32Details
1865Turbocharger R3
1866Bearing 2.40.98202 SET for turbine R-32.237-98400.01Turbocharger R3Details
1867Bearing 2.40.98212 SET for turbine R3 2.237-98400.02Turbocharger R3Details
1868Air compressor Zwickauer types 2S-125C/2S2-125E
1869Piston ring A180x165,8x5Air compressor Zwickauer types 2S-125C/2S2-125E
1870Oil scraper ringG180x165,8x8Air compressor Zwickauer types 2S-125C/2S2-125E
1871Manometer (for compressor 2S2-125E)0-60 kg/cm?Air compressor Zwickauer types 2S-125C/2S2-125EDetails
1872Cylinder head522.431-24/1:1Air compressor Zwickauer types 2S-125C/2S2-125E
1873Valve plate 2S2 12512.095-1/01:03-3.143061.2Air compressor Zwickauer types 2S-125C/2S2-125E
1874Wartsila W6L20
1875Gasket156588Wartsila W6L20
1876Gasket200008Wartsila W6L20
1877Sealing ring120009Wartsila W6L20
1878Pipe120028Wartsila W6L20
1879Injection nozzle uncooled long nose 167020Wartsila W6L20
1880Flexible coupling 182017Wartsila W6L20
1881Ball bearing191012Wartsila W6L20
1882O-ring355261Wartsila W6L20
1883Filter candle471063Wartsila W6L20
1884O-ring471104Wartsila W6L20
1885Sealing set for filter DN 50471126Wartsila W6L20
1886Paper insert473415Wartsila W6L20
1887Temperature sensor exhaust gas, after TC TE 517Wartsila W6L20
1888Wartsila W8L26
1889Sealing ring 3501094Wartsila W8L26
1890O-ring1570066Wartsila W8L26
1891O-ring1570067Wartsila W8L26
1892O-ring 1740004Wartsila W8L26
1893O-ring 1811019Wartsila W8L26
1894O-ring 1811020Wartsila W8L26
1895Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1896Seal 120176Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1897Piston ring set113115Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1898Inlet / Exhaust valve 30?/ +20?121015Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1899O-ring120032Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1900O-ring120033Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1901O-ring121006Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1902Spring165061Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1903O-ring167145Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1904Nozzle holder housing / body cooled167146Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1905Nozzle holder housing / body uncooled167146Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1906Injection nozzle holder cooled without nozzle167150Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1907Injection nozzle holder complete uncooled167150Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1908Nozzle 8x0,36x150? uncooled 167151Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1909Nozzle 8x0,36x150? cooled 167151Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1910O-ring167159Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1911O-ring167160Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1912Ball bearing191009Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1913Ball bearing191010Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1914Safety filter471010Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1915Oil filter insert 471135Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1916Fuel filter insert 470130Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1917Filter insert without adapter 470002Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1918Tachometer516053Wartsila Vasa 8 R22 HF
1919Wartsila 6 R32 E
1920Roller pin 145015Wartsila 6 R32 E
1921Piston rings set 3+1113013/4Wartsila 6 R32 E
1922Wartsila VASA 12V22 HF-D
1923Hose 516018Wartsila VASA 12V22 HF-D
1924O-ring 358187Wartsila VASA 12V22 HF-D
1925O-ring 358306Wartsila VASA 12V22 HF-D
1926MAK type M452 / M453
1927Injection nozzle 8x0.47x140? 213 220 036MAK type M452 / M453
1928Injection nozzle335 33 0055MAK type M452 / M453
1929Exhaust gas dial thermometer type H 134351141MAK type M452 / M453Details
1930Main bearing, STD.1.1240MAK type M452 / M454Details
1931Con. rod bearing, STD.1.2820MAK type M452 / M455Details
1932MAK type 6M20
1933Exh. valve spindle 30?2.2107-006MAK type 6M20
1934Inlet valve spindle 20?2.2107-206MAK type 6M20
1935Valve guide inlet 2.2107-005MAK type 6M20
1936Valve guide exhaust 2.2107-004MAK type 6M20
1937Inlet valve seat2.2151-004MAK type 6M20
1938Inlet valve spindle2.2107-106MAK type 6M20
1939Delivery valve 2.3597-102MAK type 6M20
1940Injection nozzle uncooled2.2260-003MAK type 6M20
1941Injection nozzle cooled1.2260-003MAK type 6M20
1942Injector valve complete with nozzle 2.2260AAMAK type 6M20
1943Plunger & barrel2.3597-103MAK type 6M20
1944Rotocap2.2225AAMAK type 6M20
1945Spring plate2.2107-014MAK type 6M20
1946Spring plate2.2107-009MAK type 6M20
1947Thrust piece2.8526-006MAK type 6M20
1948Thrust piece2.8526-008MAK type 6M20
1949Paper cartridge 7315415MAK type 6M20
1950Exhaust gas dial thermometer Z1312A56116002 / Rx3080G12MAK type 6M20
1951O-ring 3030661MAK type 6M20
1952O-ring 3030066MAK type 6M20
1953O-ring 3038188MAK type 6M20
1954O-ring3096995MAK type 6M20
1955O-ring 3030063MAK type 6M20
1956O-ring 3038126MAK type 6M20
1957O-ring 3098361MAK type 6M20
1958O-ring3038361MAK type 6M20
1959Brake BzF160
1960Brake coil 220V / DC Brake BzF160
1961Brake BzF250
1962Brake spring041-00481Brake BzF250
1963Steering gear machinery type RU-18-00-00/A 7kWt 970rpm 380V
1964Brake valve complete78-1100Steering gear machinery type RU-18-00-00/A
1965Geislinger B72/17,5/130
1966SetGeislinger B72/17,5/130
1967Turbocharger VTR 400
1968Guide bush pos 70523.015Turbocharger VTR 400
1969Shrink ring pos 2225010Turbocharger VTR 400
1970Turbocharger VTR 401
1971Bearing completeP/N 32Turbocharger VTR 401
1972BearingP/N 38Turbocharger VTR 401
1973Oil pumpP/N 48Turbocharger VTR 401
1974Oil pumpP/N 47Turbocharger VTR 401
1975Holding springP/N 36Turbocharger VTR 401Details
1976HolderP/N 351Turbocharger VTR 401Details
1977HolderP/N 451Turbocharger VTR 401Details
1978Sealing bushP/N 505Turbocharger VTR 401
1979Sealing bushP/N 725Turbocharger VTR 401
1980Sealing bushP/N 726Turbocharger VTR 401
1981SealingP/N 5878Turbocharger VTR 401
1982ScrewP/N 50371Turbocharger VTR 401
1983ScrewP/N 72131Turbocharger VTR 401
1984Locking plateP/N 20830Turbocharger VTR 401
1985Ring nutP/N 20813 Turbocharger VTR 401
1986Gland stripsP/N 2087Turbocharger VTR 401
1987Bolt with washer (repl. wire 6116)Turbocharger VTR 401
19888 ZD 72/48
1989NozzleU1AW-575-90-178 ZD 72/48
1990Flow indicator, lubricator 72-5706.01008 ZD 72/48Details
1991Luboil filter insert with threaded element72-2310.02008 ZD 72/48Details
1992Starting valve72-2707.01008 ZD 72/48
1993Injection pipe, coated Z172-7514.01008 ZD 72/48
1994Injection pipe, coated Z572-7506.05008 ZD 72/48
1995Injection pipe, coated Z672-7514.06008 ZD 72/48
1996Injection pipe, coated Z772-7514.07008 ZD 72/48
1997Injection pipe, coated Z872-7514.08008 ZD 72/48
1998NozzleG2020118008 ZD 72/48
1999Injection valve completeG2040725048 ZD 72/48
2000Pressure valve assembly 222.100805-048 ZD 72/48
2001Cylinder head gasket72-2605.0000:328 ZD 72/48
2002Holder body241.458900-228 ZD 72/48
2003Nut241.464800-638 ZD 72/48
2004O-ring56x108 ZD 72/48
2005O-ring55x108 ZD 72/48
2006O-ring645x58 ZD 72/48
2007O-ring240x58 ZD 72/48
2008O-ring57x58 ZD 72/48
20092 VD 8/8-2SVL
2010Manual feed fuel pumpARVL32 VD 8/8-2SVL
20114 VD 8/8-2SVL
2012Nozzle SD1ZD1250-320-04 VD 8/8-2SVL
20136 VDS 24/24 AL-1
2014Piston ring for starting valve 35x32x26 VDS 24/24 AL-1
20158 VD 36/24 A1
2016Suction valve 651-256118 VD 36/24 A1
2017Plunger & barrel 224.159840-128 VD 36/24 A1
2018Rectangular ring512-894058 VD 36/24 A1
2019Rectangular ring511-353268 VD 36/24 A1
2020Rectangular ring651-070038 VD 36/24 A1
2021Oil scraper ring511-355108 VD 36/24 A1
2022Nozzle TA 830-130-17 651-140168 VD 36/24 A1
2023Nozzle TAF 830-130-37 651-146908 VD 36/24 A1
2024Nozzle TA 830-130-71 651-140168 VD 36/24 A1
2025Injector nozzle cooledTAF 830-130-148 VD 36/24 A1
2026Gasket651-100108 VD 36/24 A1
2027Pressure bolt651-146128 VD 36/24 A1
2028Gasket651-230088 VD 36/24 A1
2029Gasket 672-050068 VD 36/24 A1
2030Bearing 466320028 VD 36/24 A1
2031Piston ring 511226058 VD 36/24 A1
2032Piston ring 511211008 VD 36/24 A1
2033Piston ring 511223068 VD 36/24 A1
2034Shaft sealing ring 2634118 VD 36/24 A1
2035Sealing ring2634408 VD 36/24 A1
2036Indicator valve 692-16005 8 VD 36/24 A1
2037Fuel injection pipe 651-430118 VD 36/24 A1
2038Nut 672-080098 VD 36/24 A1
20396VD 26/20
2040Flex. Rod for governor drive601-700526VD 26/20
2041Roller tappet compl. 222.102135-346VD 26/20
2042Roller 601-239016VD 26/20
2043Shaft sealGN64.2B-20W2C6VD 26/20
2044O-ring482740186VD 26/20
2045O-ring482773076VD 26/20
2046Seal CORK601-010186VD 26/20
2047Gasket 601-050056VD 26/20
2048O-ring 601-070136VD 26/20
2049Fuel pipe-zyl.6 572-430966VD 26/20
2050Filter601-539076VD 26/20
2051Pressure spring 241.1469600-54601-143036VD 26/20
2052Injection nozzle TA 835-155-35 uncooled 601-143926VD 26/20
2053Injection nozzle TAF 835-155-35 cooled601-143926VD 26/20
2054Nozzles NVD 36/24-1 TA 630-130-3G2020007006VD 26/20
2055Nozzles NVDS 36.1A TAF 730-130-14G2030043006VD 26/20
2056Rectangular ring 601-070246VD 26/20
2057DSF-ring611-070026VD 26/20
2058Tapered piston ring 601-070326VD 26/20
2059Rectangular ring611-070056VD 26/20
2060Oil scraper ring 601-070256VD 26/20
2061Piston ring (turbine side) 021.4-91000.30:216VD 26/20
2062O-Ring0177232/46VD 26/20
2063Gasket601-100136VD 26/20
2064Gasket 8mm standard601-100316VD 26/20
2065Gasket 9mm601-10031/96VD 26/20
2066Gasket 10mm601-10031/106VD 26/20
2067Gasket601-160036VD 26/20
2068Gasket 601-170316VD 26/20
2069Gasket 601-180246VD 26/20
2070Sealing gasket601-180256VD 26/20
2071Gasket601-183236VD 26/20
2072Gasket601-183266VD 26/20
2073Gasket601-230046VD 26/20
2074Gasket601-230056VD 26/20
2075Push rod compl. 601-239026VD 26/20
2076Pressure valve 132835 601-258146VD 26/20
2077Pressure spring 601-258156VD 26/20
2078Baffle cone 221.141735-74601-258166VD 26/20
2079Starting valve cup seal486190046VD 26/20
2080Paper filter insert FKP 270 601-390016VD 26/20
2081Gasket601-050106VD 26/20
2082O-ring 150x56VD 26/20
2083HP fuel pump element 11.190 499.035-026VD 26/20
2084Plunger element 11.190 LH601-258216VD 26/20
2085Plunger element 190.11 RH601-258226VD 26/20
2086Valve seat exhaust / inlet 90? 611-11002601-110026VD 26/20
2087Inlet valve spindle 601-110076VD 26/20
2088Valve guide 601-110086VD 26/20
2089Valve clamping cone pair 601-110116VD 26/20
2090Valve seat inlet / exhaust 120? 601-11006601-110156VD 26/20
2091Rotocap (611-11010) 611-119036VD 26/20
2092Starting valve spindle601-120026VD 26/20
2093Push rod 241.453200-34601-140026VD 26/20
2094Aluminium cover for cylinder cover611-230016VD 26/20
2095Aluminium cover for cylinder cover611-230026VD 26/20
2096Traverse601-230266VD 26/20
2097Cap seal486190046VD 26/20
20988NVD 48 A2-U
2099Shaft seal832-340218NVD 48 A2-U
2100Main bearing 832-020108NVD 48 A2-U
2101Tapered piston ring 832-070068NVD 48 A2-U
2102Rectangular ring 511243288NVD 48 A2-U
2103Rectangular ring 512-897048NVD 48 A2-U
2104Rectangular ring832-070048NVD 48 A2-U
2105Oil-scraper ring511275108NVD 48 A2-U
2106Rectangular ring511-415078NVD 48 A2-U
2107Gasket832-050028NVD 48 A2-U
2108Tapered piston ring832-070058NVD 48 A2-U
2109Connecting rod bolt with GL-Certificate832-080038NVD 48 A2-U
2110Castle nut832-080048NVD 48 A2-U
2111Ring connectionGE18LMEDA3C8NVD 48 A2-U
2112Connecting rod bearing 832-080108NVD 48 A2-U
2113Exhaust valve spindle832-110298NVD 48 A2-U
2114Inlet valve spindle 832-110208NVD 48 A2-U
2115Exhaust valve seat832-110308NVD 48 A2-U
2116Inlet bush832-110378NVD 48 A2-U
2117Outlet bush832-110408NVD 48 A2-U
2118Inlet valve seat 832-100158NVD 48 A2-U
2119Cu-Ring832-140168NVD 48 A2-U
2120Sealing832-170088NVD 48 A2-U
2121Gasket832-230148NVD 48 A2-U
2122Gasket832-230178NVD 48 A2-U
2123Intermediate transmission,14 teeth832-309078NVD 48 A2-U
2124Pinion with bush832-309398NVD 48 A2-U
2125Gear wheel832-300518NVD 48 A2-U
2126Excentric bolt832-3005008NVD 48 A2-U
2127Sealing852-170308NVD 48 A2-U
2128Sealing ring832-450048NVD 48 A2-U
2129Valve tappet complete832-239018NVD 48 A2-U
2130Injection valve complete852-147818NVD 48 A2-U
2131Cylinder liner with GL-certificate832-060038NVD 48 A2-U
2132Delivery valve7948-00002 DK8NVD 48 A2-U
2133Plunger element7948-10232 / 7948-102338NVD 48 A2-U
2134Adjusting slide832-110188NVD 48 A2-U
2135Pressure cap832-110388NVD 48 A2-U
2136Cable line left852-610818NVD 48 A2-U
2137Cable line right852-610838NVD 48 A2-U
2138Safety ring439660078NVD 48 A2-U
2139Nut 422212068NVD 48 A2-U
2140Nut421807078NVD 48 A2-U
2141Hexagonal nut 422217088NVD 48 A2-U
2142Split pin 6,3x63 ISO12348NVD 48 A2-U
2143Split pin442120048NVD 48 A2-U
2144Clamping cone 3228.79-11020.00:05 792-110038NVD 48 A2-U
2145Clamping cone 3208.83-11010.01:06832-110058NVD 48 A2-U
21466NVDS 48A3
2147Filter 832-530336NVDS 48A3
2148Sieve disc 90x31x0,04 51922303/06NVDS 48A3
2149Sieve disc 70x24x0,04519214076NVDS 48A3
2150Manometer 0-2,5 bar596147006NVDS 48A3
2151Manometer 0-4,0 bar596148076NVDS 48A3
2152Manometer 0-6,0 bar596149036NVDS 48A3
2153Manometer 0-10 bar 596201076NVDS 48A3
2154Distance thermometer601-410486NVDS 48A3
2155Cylinder head gasket (soft iron)832-100206NVDS 48A3
2156Injection nozzle 852-147906NVDS 48A3
2157Pressure valve832-257476NVDS 48A3
2158Fuel pump UAWN-10/2,5832-190236NVDS 48A3
215912VDS 48/42 Al-2
2160O-ring801-0600912VDS 48/42 Al-2
2161Gasket801-0601612VDS 48/42 Al-2
2162Cylinder cover gasket steel 801-0601712VDS 48/42 Al-2
2163Exhaust thermometer 0-600?C801-1002712VDS 48/42 Al-2
2164E- valve seat801-1101212VDS 48/42 Al-2
2165Ring801-1102112VDS 48/42 Al-2
2166Rotocap801-1103112VDS 48/42 Al-2
2167Gasket801-1600512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2168Gasket801-1702112VDS 48/42 Al-2
2169Gasket801-1803312VDS 48/42 Al-2
2170Gasket801-1803412VDS 48/42 Al-2
2171Gasket801-2301612VDS 48/42 Al-2
2172Gasket basic platte 801-2303912VDS 48/42 Al-2
2173Gasket 801-5500812VDS 48/42 Al-2
2174Gasket 801-5501012VDS 48/42 Al-2
2175Gasket 801-5501112VDS 48/42 Al-2
2176Gasket 801-5501212VDS 48/42 Al-2
2177Filter candle for filter 801-6401912VDS 48/42 Al-2
2178O-ring801-6500412VDS 48/42 Al-2
2179O-ring 801-6500512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2180O-ring801-6501512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2181Outer 801-6501612VDS 48/42 Al-2
2182Net zylinder 801-6501812VDS 48/42 Al-2
2183O-ring801-6502412VDS 48/42 Al-2
2184O-ring801-6502512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2185O-ring801-6502612VDS 48/42 Al-2
2186Inner seal ring for fuel filter 801-6502712VDS 48/42 Al-2
2187O-ring801-6503112VDS 48/42 Al-2
2188Filter insert FOP-H-98-196-420012VDS 48/42 Al-2
2189Injection nozzle 10x0.65x140 WAF 1065-140-4512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2190Injection nozzle 10x0,68x140 WAF 1070-140-4512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2191Delivery valve 222.343306-6312VDS 48/42 Al-2
2192Plunger element 222.343106-2312VDS 48/42 Al-2
2193O-ring70x212VDS 48/42 Al-2
2194O-ring72x212VDS 48/42 Al-2
2195O-ring70x312VDS 48/42 Al-2
2196O-ring52x512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2197O-ring145x512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2198O-ring150x512VDS 48/42 Al-2
2199Piston o-ring340x612VDS 48/42 Al-2
2200Gaskets VDS
2201Cu-ring Form A10x14x1,5Gaskets VDS
2202Cu-ring 4884561812x16x1,5Gaskets VDS
2203Al-ring12x18x1,5Gaskets VDS
2204Cu-ring Form A12x16x2Gaskets VDS
2205Cu-ring 48845802 Form C14x18x2Gaskets VDS
2206Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A16x20x1,5Gaskets VDS
2207Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A18x22x1,5Gaskets VDS
2208Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A18x24x2Gaskets VDS
2209Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A20x24x1,5Gaskets VDS
2210Cu-ring Form A20x26x2Gaskets VDS
2211Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A22x27x1,5Gaskets VDS
2212Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A22x28x2Gaskets VDS
2213Cu-ring DIN7603 Form C16x20x2Gaskets VDS
2214CU-ring Form A28x34x1,5Gaskets VDS
2215Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A28x34x2Gaskets VDS
2216Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A30x36x2Gaskets VDS
2217Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A42x49x2Gaskets VDS
2218Cu-ring DIN7603 Form C24x29x2,5Gaskets VDS
2219Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A58x66x2,5Gaskets VDS
2220Cu-ring DIN7603 Form A65x74x2,5Gaskets VDS
2221Cyl.head gasket 832-10012Gaskets VDS
2222Cylinder head gasket (soft iron)601-10023Gaskets VDS
2223Cylinder head gasket (Cu) 572-10010Gaskets VDS
2224Oil scraper ring511-33702Gaskets VDS
2225Water pump reconditioned572-34909Gaskets VDS
2226DIN parts
2227Cylinder pin DIN 73x10DIN parts
2228Disc DIN93 eis.6,4DIN parts
2229Disc DIN93 eis.10,5DIN parts
2230Disc DIN93 eis. 13DIN parts
2231Safety ring DIN 47126x1,2DIN parts
2232Circlip DIN 47258x2,0DIN parts
2233Screw with cylindrical head DIN 912 M10x30DIN parts
2234Hexagon cap screw stainless steel DIN 933M10x30DIN parts
2235Screw with cylindrical head DIN 912M10x40DIN parts
2236Cylinder cap screw zinced DIN 912M10x50DIN parts
2237Srew DIN 912M6x75DIN parts
2238Screw DIN 912M12x70DIN parts
2239Cutting ring, AL-15, steel 5303DIN parts
2240Shim DIN 98816x22x1,0DIN parts
2241VD 14,5/12
2242Nozzle SE 170-66-11VD 14,5/12
2243SKL 6VDS 24/24 AL-1
2244Tapered compression ring chrome 751-07009SKL 6VDS 24/24 AL-1
2245Cylinder liner751-06001SKL 6VDS 24/24 AL-1
2246Rectangular ring751-07004SKL 6VDS 24/24 AL-1
2247Piston bare751-07901SKL 6VDS 24/24 AL-1
2248Locking ring 110 TGL0-47243965506SKL 6VDS 24/24 AL-1
2249SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2250O-ring TGL 6365 48297607SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2251O-ring TGL 6365 48271909SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2252Injection nozzle cooled3021300SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2253Injection nozzle uncooled 242.021400-04SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2254Servomotor 8976457 WK 09208021767-055SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-3
2255O-ring81470045SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2256O-ring 81470141SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2257O-ring 81470176SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2258O-ring 81470168SKL 8VD 29/24 AL-2
2259Compressor 1V8/200
2260Compression ring with bronze insert 200x188x8Compressor 1V8/200
2261Piston pin K1.1.41-7:2(4) Compressor 1V8/200
2262Deutz A 6M 528
2263Fuel filter paper 2538Deutz A 6M 528
2264Deutz RBV 6M 540
2265Adaptor for safety valve2046353Deutz RBV 6M 540
2266Deutz BA 6M 816U
2267Nozzle holder4015876Deutz BA 6M 816U
2268Deutz BVM628
2269Valve seat STD4093845Deutz BVM628
2270Reductor WGF 092/12”
2271Sealing kit154B3949Reductor WGF 092/12
2272Cargo winch 62/29 kN
2273Half coupling117Cargo winch 62/29 kN
2274Other parts
22753/4" SAE flange 6000 PSI HY6.6Other parts
22761" SAE flange 6000 PSI HY6.6Other parts
2277Inspection glas D=150mmSVA-40Other parts
2278Inspection glas D=100mmSVA-40Other parts
2279Inspection glas D=150mm, th=20mmOther parts
2280Klinger glas L=140mm, th=18mmOther parts
2281Nutring 28,4x41,3x9897 158 350 4Other parts
2282Pneumatic double nippleG06LLCFOther parts
2283Solenoid valve with coil 1 1/8'' 220V 50/60Hz 1099/9A6Other parts
2284Manometer 063mm -1..0..5 bar G1/470648865/1Other parts
2285M2 switch for LS6M2 / LS6Other parts
2286Elastic intermediate ring 100509075Other parts
2287Fan 4-8 pole M2BA/MBT1603GZV304001R9Other parts
2288Coil for electromagnetic valve MT5201 КУЗ 127 ВOther parts
2289Complete repair set for air cylinder of packing machineP1S-K040MS-0160Other parts
2290Heating element for boiler КПЭ 60-2-56ТЭН 220V, 3,15kWOther parts
2291Oil pump A4Other parts
2292Gear pump TGL 10859A16ROther parts
2293Gear pumpA25ROther parts
2294Pump PT11229/03 PT11110/05A100/C100Other parts
2295Nozzles Daihatsu DDS18E186200110Z6DS 18Other parts
2296Fuel oil return pipe9.5.07037.0Other parts
2297Reducing nipple R1/2 to G1/4 (for pressure regulator 20AG-X4/PH100)150234828Other parts
2298Fuel pressure pipe MTU12V 183323244Other parts
2299Pressure union 18/22 DGRA100/750961B.0613.23.004Other parts
2300Compression ring DeutzMZL34BF6M716Other parts
2301Hose Deutz1266180Other parts
2302PumpR1 10 Z1 22UBOther parts
2303Repair kit for 3/2 way valve 371 030 200 0371 030 004 2Other parts
2304PN distributor352 601 900 0Other parts
2305Solenoid for 32005001 without coil 32005020Other parts
2306Low pressure ball cockKHR 1/2 NDKOther parts
2307Low pressure ball cock KHR 3/4 NDKOther parts
2308Low pressure ball cockKHR 1 1/4 NDKOther parts
2309Return valve Parker EO. RHD16SCFRHD 16 SA 3COther parts
2310Overhauling connector 6mmCGK 9389Other parts
2311Overhauling connector 9mmCGK 9390Other parts
2312Piston ring A40x36,2x2,5000-51122103 S1818Other parts
2313Seal ring 40x47x2,51749Other parts
2314Bearing NA-RNA 49080v 23Other parts
2315Seal ring C80x90x31493Other parts
2316Seal ringS90x100x3Other parts
2317Shaft seal NBR320x360x18Other parts
2318Coolant shut-off valve TGL 28426DN 15Other parts
2319Solenoid valve PM 135 DT with coil ZH14/230V156122Other parts
2320Rectangular ring A 70/63, 8x2,551141507Other parts
2321Plate spring 10.0450/00:08-3.143149.4Other parts
2322Robotron socket for fire alarm type 75161 ELN 13816732533 705.0Other parts
2323Protection ring D=60/535435158Other parts
2324Separator RWO-GSF Type WZF1, W21
2325Stator N 15-SBLBM2-N-167051Separator RWO-GSF Type WZF1, W21
2326Aggregate RP-140H
2327Filter element for fuel filter B361T01Aggregate RP-140H
2328Fresh water maker SVA-12,5
2329Brine ejector type NW 50/32 0159 388.2.20 145Fresh water maker SVA-12,5
2330Behrens pump type S-PM30
2331Sniffing valve with hose nipple item 29Behrens pump type S-PM30
2333Filter cartridge ФП3 ФД1/3Filters
2334Pocket filter, Hi-Flo, TO6, F6, pocket quantity: 12 592x592x380Filters
2335Filter element for UNEX-M D=525x50mm, PE 50kg/m?5089100Filters
2336Filter element for Mahle R5-81830130Filters
2337Filter elementSZ2MA0E10000Filters
2338Fuel filter element33685Filters
2339Oil filter 4666343Filters
2340Oil filter847741Filters
2341Air filter 864954Filters
2342Fuel filter7335837Filters
2344Fuel filter H70 WK 02Filters
2345Fuel filter elementH32WKFilters
2346Fuel filter FC 7006.NE 10 / BKFilters
2347Luboil filter MD 185 Filters
2348Air filter ECB 08-5056Filters
2350Filter FE154/730 G2Filters
2351Filter PolyamidHYD 25-50/100Filters
2352Filter VliesHYD 25-50/210Filters
2353Filter VliesHYD 25-90/160Filters
2354Hydraulic filter VliesHYD 25-90/250 VFilters
2355Hydraulic filter VliesHYD 25-90/250-1VFilters
2356Hydraulic filter Dederon HYD 25-90/250 DFilters
2357Filter insert DederonHYD 25-90/250-1 DFilters
2358Filter insert VliesHYD 25-104/174 Filters
2359Filter Polyamid DederonHYD 25-70/95Filters
2360Hydraulic filter Vlies HYD 25-70/95Filters
2361Hydraulic filter Vlies TGL35656HYD 25-70/160Filters
2362Filter Dederon for variable pitch propeller ACD 25/1-63S 96.020-1070HYD 25-70/160 DFilters
2363Filter PolyamidHYD 63-50/100 PFilters
2364Filter VliesHYD 63-70/160 VFilters
2365Filter PolyamidHYD 63-90/250 PFilters
2366Filter VliesHYD 63-90/250 VFilters
2367Filter VliesHYD 63-90/250-1 VFilters
2368Filter Dederon HYD 63-90/250-1 DFilters
2369Filter Dahl 30112981Filters
2370Filter element BA 306620 for Crane EHSC-20-2-8-FParker UCC QA-L4402 KW R63012Filters
2371Grinding machine Tendos
2372Hydraulic motor OMM 32 cyl. Shaft, side connection M16W pos.46151G0006 / 310000Grinding machine Tendos
2373Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2374Gasket90101-036-1890Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2375Locking plate90201-051-0593Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2376D-ring90201-051-1394Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2377O-ring90205-024-0113Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2378Spring washer90205-024-0202Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2379Spring washer90205-024-0757Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2380O-ring 90302-044-0600Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2381O-ring90302-044-0888Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2382Gasket90302-044-1590Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2383O-ring90302-044-1867Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2384Indicator valve90612-012-0894Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2385O-ring90704-017-1267Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2386Gasket90801-060-1110Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2387Disc 90801-060-1487Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2388Sealing ring90801-060-2199Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2389Gasket 90801-060-2377Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2390Sealing ring90801-060-3267Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2391O-ring90801-060-3445Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2392Sealing ring90801-060-4602Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2393O-ring90801-060-5047Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2394Sealing ring 90801-060-5136Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2395Sealing ring 90801-060-5592Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2396O-ring90801-085-3623Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2397O-ring90801-085-3712Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2398Sealing ring90801-085-4424Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2399Sealing ring90801-085-5770Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2400Sealing ring 90801-085-6204Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2401O-ring90805-038-0206Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2402Gasket90805-038-0395Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2403Sealing ring90806-008-1709Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2404O-ring90901-044-2728Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2405O-ring90901-044-3127Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2406Gasket 90901-044-4384Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2407O-ring90901-089-1436Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2408O-ring90901-089-1614Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2409O-ring90901-089-2326Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2410O-ring90901-089-2782Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2411O-ring90901-089-3127Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2412Gasket90902-034-1772Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2413O-ring90910-026-0170Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2414O-ring90910-026-0447Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2415O-ring90910-026-1248Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2416O-ring90913-017-0276Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2417O-ring 90913-017-2323Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2418O-ring 90913-017-2501Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2419Gasket91003-051-0394Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2420O-ring91205-056-1042Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2421Lock plate90401-026-0402Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2422O-ring 90302-042-046Main engine MAN B&W 8L35MC
2423MAN B&W-6S26MC
2424Thermostat type V4.103240207MAN B&W-6S26MC
2425Sealing ring 90801-137-385MAN B&W-6S26MC
2426Screw 90902-74-610MAN B&W-6S26MC
2427Ruston AP230
2428Cotter pin30-APC-15059Ruston AP230
2429Fuel pump cam80-152-01278-204Ruston AP230
2430Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2431Valve seat insert-inlet in standard K05094Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2432Valve seat insert-exhaust standard K05095Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2433Valve guide –inlet K10900Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2434Valve guide –exhaust K01091Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2435Valve inletF06194Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2436Valve exhaust F07013Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2437Valve collar-inlet K03227Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2438Valve collar exhaust K03648Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2439Retaining clip K03675Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2440Stop pegE04683Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2441Ring pack set K02024/ K03408Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2442Bearing standard L26144Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2443Unit seal ceramic face A04435Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2444Water pump impeller assy A04453Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2445Insulating ring air inlet manifold K08188Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2446Packing water outlet J05763Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2447Sealing comp. rel. shaft J09332Engine AE Gardner 6LXB
2448Separator MAPX 207
2449Service kit 9111923080Separator MAPX 207
2450Intermediate service kit99999104-35Separator MAPX 207
2451Major Service kit99999204-10Separator MAPX 207
2452Ball bearing SKF6525Separator MAPX 207
2453Ball bearing SKF68827Separator MAPX 207
2454Ball bearing SK7026Separator MAPX 207
2455Ball bearing SKF8726Separator MAPX 207
2456Bearing 9876Separator MAPX 207
2457Bearing 548746-0260695Separator MAPX 207
2458Screw (68832)8341Separator MAPX 207
2459Washer8511Separator MAPX 207
2460Gasket9281Separator MAPX 207
2461Spring9699Separator MAPX 207
2462Nut11522Separator MAPX 207
2463Hexagon socket head screw NEW 22117222511677Separator MAPX 207
2464Hexagon socket head screw NEW 22117230812172Separator MAPX 207
2465O-ring 14238Separator MAPX 207
2466Gasket20691Separator MAPX 207
2467Washer20758Separator MAPX 207
2468Washer22405Separator MAPX 207
2469Gasket 517774-2830060Separator MAPX 207
2470Gate valve 31325Separator MAPX 207
2471Gear wheel36536Separator MAPX 207
2472Gasket36545Separator MAPX 207
2473Gasket37490Separator MAPX 207
2474Lock washer37992Separator MAPX 207
2475Ball bearing 38092Separator MAPX 207
2476Lock washer 38159Separator MAPX 207
2477Gasket38164Separator MAPX 207
2478O-ring 38259Separator MAPX 207
2479O-ring 38401Separator MAPX 207
2480Nut38682Separator MAPX 207
2481Nut38722Separator MAPX 207
2482Lock washer38723Separator MAPX 207
2483Gasket38967Separator MAPX 207
2484Gasket39518Separator MAPX 207
2485Upper bearing bolt41271Separator MAPX 207
2486Upper bearing cover bolt60366Separator MAPX 207
2487Elastic plate60571Separator MAPX 207
2488Seal ring 60739Separator MAPX 207
2489Nut-complete60911Separator MAPX 207
2490Shield60925Separator MAPX 207
2491Spring washer62094Separator MAPX 207
2492Gear wheel62188Separator MAPX 207
2493Pump housing62194Separator MAPX 207
2494Strainer inset 62208Separator MAPX 207
2495Pinion62525Separator MAPX 207
2496Nut62526Separator MAPX 207
2497Conical pin62656Separator MAPX 207
2498Screw63656Separator MAPX 207
2499Thermometer64002Separator MAPX 207
2500O-ring 64100Separator MAPX 207
2501O-ring 64702Separator MAPX 207
2502O-ring 64706Separator MAPX 207
2503O-ring64707Separator MAPX 207
2504O-ring 64708Separator MAPX 207
2505Pin64729Separator MAPX 207
2506Worm wheel shaft and drum 520561-8065165Separator MAPX 207
2507Ring65169Separator MAPX 207
2508Conveyor65190Separator MAPX 207
2509Adjusting ring 65219Separator MAPX 207
2510Gasket65220Separator MAPX 207
2511Friction pad 310637-8465227Separator MAPX 207
2512Rectangular ring65232Separator MAPX 207
2513Rectangular ring65235Separator MAPX 207
2514Glass65246Separator MAPX 207
2515Seal ring65247Separator MAPX 207
2516Gasket65310Separator MAPX 207
2517O-ring65594Separator MAPX 207
2518Screw 2210942-36 66386Separator MAPX 207
2519O-ring 67587Separator MAPX 207
2520Adjusting ring 1mm 5268120267642Separator MAPX 207
2521Seal ring68076Separator MAPX 207
2522Connecting hose68225Separator MAPX 207
2523Connecting hose68586Separator MAPX 207
2524Rectangular ring NEW 5462290268592Separator MAPX 207
2525Gasket68595Separator MAPX 207
2526Valve plug 68899Separator MAPX 207
2527Guide ring68917Separator MAPX 207
2528Ring 546228-0868937Separator MAPX 207
2529Hinged bolt OLD 67787 & 6733669085Separator MAPX 207
2530Shaft69209Separator MAPX 207
2531Gear wheel69213Separator MAPX 207
2532O-ring69270Separator MAPX 207
2533Hose nipple69527Separator MAPX 207
2534Hose69812Separator MAPX 207
2535Friction block with pad & screws 50Hz69890Separator MAPX 207
2536Bushing for bottom bearing70202Separator MAPX 207
2537O-ring 6655470203Separator MAPX 207
2538Buffer-complete70209Separator MAPX 207
2539Wear ring70211Separator MAPX 207
2540Bearing housing70212Separator MAPX 207
2541Adjusting ring h-270213Separator MAPX 207
2542Adjusting ring h-470214Separator MAPX 207
2543Adjusting ring h-670215Separator MAPX 207
2544Deflector70216Separator MAPX 207
2545Spring casing70217Separator MAPX 207
2546Buffer70218Separator MAPX 207
2547Spring70219Separator MAPX 207
2548Plug70220Separator MAPX 207
2549Collar70222Separator MAPX 207
2550Clamping shoe 7139170279Separator MAPX 207
2551Height adjusting ring70624Separator MAPX 207
2552Spring70634Separator MAPX 207
2553Protecting cap70888Separator MAPX 207
2554Ball valve 9005070889Separator MAPX 207
2555O-ring70943Separator MAPX 207
2556Instruction plate71053Separator MAPX 207
2557Hand wheel71110Separator MAPX 207
2558Shaft 6920971130Separator MAPX 207
2559Nut71140Separator MAPX 207
2560Stud bolt71143Separator MAPX 207
2561Seal ring71162Separator MAPX 207
2562Seal ring71167Separator MAPX 207
2563Operating slide71180Separator MAPX 207
2564Spring71181Separator MAPX 207
2565Tube71183Separator MAPX 207
2566Slidding bowl bottom71184Separator MAPX 207
2567Cap nut71186Separator MAPX 207
2568Distributor71187Separator MAPX 207
2569Seal ring71301Separator MAPX 207
2570Washer71331Separator MAPX 207
2571Spring71333Separator MAPX 207
2572Washer71334Separator MAPX 207
2573Hand wheel71335Separator MAPX 207
2574Nipple71342Separator MAPX 207
2575Nut71343Separator MAPX 207
2576Screw 71348Separator MAPX 207
2577Rectangular ring71350Separator MAPX 207
2578O-ring71351Separator MAPX 207
2579Control paring disc71354Separator MAPX 207
2580Control paring disc71355Separator MAPX 207
2581Distributing cover71356Separator MAPX 207
2582Sleeve71358Separator MAPX 207
2583Gasket 419981-0371360Separator MAPX 207
2584Distributing ring71361Separator MAPX 207
2585Gasket 419982-0371362Separator MAPX 207
2586Control paring disc71363Separator MAPX 207
2587Round nut 71364Separator MAPX 207
2588Nut71374Separator MAPX 207
2589Bowl spindle71383Separator MAPX 207
2590Top bearing hood71384Separator MAPX 207
2591Protecting plate71386Separator MAPX 207
2592Screw round head 2211725-0671388Separator MAPX 207
2593O-ring71401Separator MAPX 207
2594O-ring71402Separator MAPX 207
2595Washer71403Separator MAPX 207
2596Hand wheel71404Separator MAPX 207
2597Cock housing with plug71414Separator MAPX 207
2598Overflow tube71416Separator MAPX 207
2599Pin71424Separator MAPX 207
2600Nozzle71433Separator MAPX 207
2601Friction pad 4208438171628Separator MAPX 207
2602Control valve 9011171817Separator MAPX 207
2603Connecting piece71818Separator MAPX 207
2604O-ring 71866Separator MAPX 207
2605Worm 50Hz71921Separator MAPX 207
2606Worm wheel 528100-8971922Separator MAPX 207
2607Nut71948Separator MAPX 207
2608Screw 72239Separator MAPX 207
2609Nave cap72665Separator MAPX 207
2610Lifting tool72712Separator MAPX 207
2611Spring72904Separator MAPX 207
2612Flow indicator72979Separator MAPX 207
2613Housing72980Separator MAPX 207
2614Spindle72984Separator MAPX 207
2615Slide72985Separator MAPX 207
2616Pin72986Separator MAPX 207
2617Spring72987Separator MAPX 207
2618Plug72988Separator MAPX 207
2619Packing collar72989Separator MAPX 207
2620Pressure gauge72991Separator MAPX 207
2621Feed tube72992Separator MAPX 207
2622Templet 72999Separator MAPX 207
2623Nut 4003673200Separator MAPX 207
2624Feed pump NEW 5206078373481Separator MAPX 207
2625Seal ring73547Separator MAPX 207
2626Outlet tube 73916Separator MAPX 207
2627Seal ring73920Separator MAPX 207
2628Glass tube73921Separator MAPX 207
2629Ball73922Separator MAPX 207
2630Screw73924Separator MAPX 207
2631Outlet tube with housing73930Separator MAPX 207
2632Gravity disc D=90 mm74095Separator MAPX 207
2633Gravity disc D=95 mm74096Separator MAPX 207
2634Gravity disc D=101 mm74097Separator MAPX 207
2635Gravity disc D=109 mm74098Separator MAPX 207
2636Packing collar 74759Separator MAPX 207
2637Packing collar 75019Separator MAPX 207
2638Swivel joint75025Separator MAPX 207
2639Plug90112Separator MAPX 207
2640Packing90119Separator MAPX 207
2641Rectangular ring190603Separator MAPX 207
2642Ring223402-11Separator MAPX 207
2643O-ring223406-05Separator MAPX 207
2644O-ring223406-14Separator MAPX 207
2645O-ring223406-31Separator MAPX 207
2646O-ring223412-02Separator MAPX 207
2647O-ring223412-21Separator MAPX 207
2648Gasket 71923421477-01Separator MAPX 207
2649Seal ring517671-01Separator MAPX 207
2650Lock ring 518781-01Separator MAPX 207
2651Bowl discs set (106 discs 52022183)524360-80Separator MAPX 207
2652Level ring524330-01Separator MAPX 207
2653Lock ring 524331-01Separator MAPX 207
2654Paring disc complete 71375522884-80Separator MAPX 207
2655Connecting hose52656181Separator MAPX 207
2656Washer528098-01Separator MAPX 207
2657Silicon grease539474-03Separator MAPX 207
2658Rectangular ring546229-08Separator MAPX 207
2659Ring set547218-80Separator MAPX 207
2660Intermediate service kit547658-80Separator MAPX 207
2661Vacuum pum spares RU-STEEL
2662Elastic as spares for coupling size A4 N.12 (two sets) of TA 4Vacuum pum spares RU-STEEL
2663Prinz pump INLINE
2664Mechanical seal 43.3Prinz pump INLINE
2665Johnson Pump type CLB 50-125/125
2666Impeller 2.10670.15Johnson Pump type CLB 50-125/125
2667Spacer 4A0261.621Johnson Pump type CLB 50-125/125
2668Cap nut 4A0261.421Johnson Pump type CLB 50-125/125
2669Key 0.0502.825Johnson Pump type CLB 50-125/125
2670Pump shaft 2.85300.21Johnson Pump type CLB 50-125/125
2671Allweiler Pump NTWH 25-160
2672Impeller 333283Allweiler Pump NTWH 25-160
2673Desmi Pump type PVLN 1050.22-002
2674Impeller D41848Desmi Pump type PVLN 1050.22-002
2675Shaft D39849Desmi Pump type PVLN 1050.22-002
2676Pump NCV25/80A / НЦВ 25/80А
2677Working wheel D=32mm275.00.0.002Pump NCV25/80A / НЦВ 25/80А
2678Protecting bush275.00.0.008Pump NCV25/80A / НЦВ 25/80А
2679for SOZB 5.2
2680Drum seal ring34-202-040:10for SOZB 5.2
2681Seal ring34-202-050:08for SOZB 5.2
2682Intermediate part gasket34-202-060:08for SOZB 5.2
2683Pump KF-4/180 KRACHT
2684Circlip Pos. 50E 9412980001Pump KF-4/180 KRACHT
2685PME Pump KRZ 80/250
2686Rubber gasketES4135PME Pump KRZ 80/250
2687PME Pump KRZ 150/360
2688Rubber gasketES4137 PME Pump KRZ 150/360
2689Hydraulic pump type HS 40 D
2690Seegerring DIN 471A20x1,2Hydraulic pump type HS 40 D
2691Support disc DIN 988SS 20x28x2Hydraulic pump type HS 40 D
2692Pump NCV 63/30B / НЦВ63/30Б
2693El. Motor type DMN160 MA2 OM5, 2865rpm, 380V, 22,1A, 11kW (ДМН160)Pump NCV 63/30B / НЦВ63/30Б
2694Pump NCV 100/100A / НЦВ100/100А
2695El. motor type AНУ91-2-OM5, 2910rpm, 220/380V, 203,5/117,5A, 55kWt, N. Б01Р353Pump NCV 100/100A / НЦВ100/100А
2696Pump NCV 63/80 / НЦВ63/80
2697ImpellerPump NCV 63/80 / НЦВ63/80
2698Seal ringPump NCV 63/80 / НЦВ63/80
2699Shaft seal ШФ5-25-3.6/4Б-5 SHF5-25-3.6/4Б.5Pump NCV 63/80 / НЦВ63/80
2700Piston for pump ABF 110/3LABF 110/3LPump NCV 63/80 / НЦВ63/80
2701Hamworthy pump type B200 VID1 G.O.
2702Mechanical seal81764472 Item 21Hamworthy pump type B200 VID1 G.O.
2703Pump Type KL30S40.0
2704Stator W40.01037Pump Type KL30S40.0
2705For drink hot water boiler
2706Heating element 2500W, 230V74671For drink hot water boiler
2707Pump CAM 2/5, 3kW
2708Flat gasket400.01Pump CAM 2/5, 3kW
2709Apollo pumps
2710Pump, Q=1,6m?/h, H18m, PK 0,25kw, 1450KSEY-K 25/1-001/S1/822Apollo pumps
2711Pump, Q=1,6m?/h, H18m, PK 0,25kw, 1450Ksey 25/1-004/S1Apollo pumps
2712Screw pump M13/2-82/100
2713Housing bush 2-498.128-00.00:02Screw pump M13/2-82/100
2714Feed screw1-498.128/3-10.00:03Screw pump M13/2-82/100
2716Air Reductor SDV for control station of PC 2,5 / CДВ.6М1ТУ 25-02280656-80Electric
2717Diode 1.5KE33CA:DIODE, TVS 1,5kW 33V988-4980Electric
2718Freon leak detectorCENTER 380Electric
2719AC/DC Power supply in 100-240VAC / 50/60Hz, out 24VDCtype S-25-24Electric
2720Automatic switch USOL 250AElectric
2721Yodalarm fire alarm sounderYA50/D/RF/VDSElectric
2722Digital Multitester 3300 C662222Electric
2723Cermet-Potentiomenter 0,47kOhm lin.20% P 16N742923Electric
2724Circuit breaker USOL 250A, 3P, Ir=160A, code 4130USOL 250AElectric
2725Elektromotor 4,8kW, 220/380V, 1720 rpmK20R 100L 4Electric
2726Electro motor АВЕ-0,52 4М 220В 60Вт 1350rpm (АВЕ 0,524 М73)Electric
2727Coil for solenoid valve KBM 35 380V 50Hz УХЛ4 КВМ-35-023-05-01-С-УХЛElectric
2728GE contact element 1OP9B01VNElectric
2729GE Selector key-3ST.-SW.-Z/B-RAST P9XSMZ0NElectric
2730Micro switch FK4T7Y1ULElectric
2731Fuse L=70mm; ?=10mmBSP1000Electric
2732Infrared radiator Elstein ISS 400W 230V, L=320mm, 42120TEGI-0156Electric
2733Voltage transformator 50-60Hz, 230 V, 6 V, 2.0 VABV EI 342 0014Electric
27342-pole impeller M3BP160 / M3AA160 for shaft with keyway motor generation C3GZV304001R16Electric
2735Slimline-fan assembly VBS4/3-000023 230V 50Hz5202-0017207Electric
2736Electronic flashing relay 810832 type NGB 11 24V-240V AC/DC 50-60HzR2.105.0010.0 Electric
2737Relay RMIA 45 24V DC 10023230Electric
2738Relay 2W/EK/10A-250VAC/24VDC/MONO/1,2W/A gNi9010 follower for RM200024MT221024Electric
2739Relay 2,8/4W/EK/6A/250VAC/24VDC/MONO/750mW AgNi9010 replacement for RA400024PT570024Electric
2740Relay 2,8/2W/EK/12A-250VAC/230VAC/MONO/1,0VA/ AgNi9010 follower for RA200720PT270730Electric
2741Relay P/N 255-1880-ND, AE 132060NF2EB-5VElectric
2742Relay, 2 We., DC24VRJ2S-CL-D24Electric
2743Fuse link GESA 17423, 500V CP 14x51 GG 6A, P FS G214113JElectric
2744Fuse linkW202281JElectric
2745Fuse linkD214202EElectric
2746Fuse GL/GG, GR.000, 100A Siemens AC 500V/DC 250V3NA6830Electric
2747Fuse GL/GG, GR.000, 80A Siemens AC 500V/DC 250V3NA6824Electric
2748Fuse GL/GG Gr. 00/50 690V 50A 4181311Electric
2749DO2-fuse 25A gl/gg1701.025Electric
2750Knife fuse 50A, NHOO828518Electric
2751Fuse4 AElectric
2752Lamp 24V 50mAT 6,8Electric
2753Telefon lamp 24V 50mAT 5,5Electric
2754Neon lamp, round D=305mm FC 32W/133G10q 220/230VElectric
2755Blop lamp, 45x68mm clear 40W, E14, 230VTR-45x60mmElectric
2756Lamp clear E27, 24V, 40WKBL-45x70mmElectric
2757Lamp 60x105mm B22d 230V 100W Clear frosted790222Electric
2758Induction transmitter type DGO 948 2.06 8000001189Electric
2759Luminiscent lamp Ph L18W/840 TL-D 220V 18W (cool white) T8, 600mmL18W/840Electric
2760Halogen lamp 240V 100W 118mmR7sElectric
2761Lamp, Philips Blacklight, G13, F15W, T8 Blacklight - ActinicasElectric
2762Pressure transmitter range-0,8…7 bar Signal 4…20mA
pressure connect S:7/16"-20 UNF with cable 1,5m
ALCO 802320Electric
2763Lucifer coil 380V / 50Hz481865A9Electric
2764Oil nozzle Monarch 1.00-30R1.00-30RElectric
2765Oil nozzle Danfoss 2,50-45? BElectric
2766Oil nozzle Danfoss 4,50-45? BElectric
2767Oil nozzle Danfoss 4,50-60? SElectric
2768Oil nozzle Danfoss4.50 60? BElectric
2769Oil nozzle Danfoss 5,00-60? BElectric
2770Oil nozzle Danfoss 5,50-60? BElectric
2771Oil nozzle Danfoss 6,00-60? BElectric
2772Oil nozzle Danfoss 123840 030B014960?B 22,00Electric
2773Oil nozzle Danfoss 123760 030B013360?B 8,50Electric
2774Oil nozzle Danfoss for boiler VX-8019,50-60? BElectric
2775Oil nozzle Danfoss 123860 030B0153 for boiler VX-8028,00-60? BElectric
2776Photocell repalcement for RAR 2 & RAR 7, 102052RAR 9Electric
2777Oil firing relay Siemens relay 220-240V 50-60Hz 5VaLAE10Electric
2778Therm. EXP valve Danfoss R22 TEX 2 -40/+10?C067B3209Electric
2779Therm. EXP valve Danfoss R22 TEX 5 -40/+10?C067B3250Electric
2780Therm. EXP Valve Danfoss R22 TEX 12 -60/-25?C -75/-15 MOP 20/-20?C067B3211Electric
2781Therm. EXP Valve Danfoss R22 TEX20 -40…+10°C 404-1403 capillar length 3m067B3274Electric
2782Therm. EXP Valve Dannfoss R22 TEX20 108kW / 31 Tons -40…+10°C capillar length 5m067B3290Electric
2783Therm. EXP Valve Dannfoss TEX55, -40…+50°C067B3220Electric
2784Nozzle insert No.1 for TE 12 404-1481067B2005Electric
2785Nozzle insert No.2 for TE 12 404-1482067B2006Electric
2786Nozzle insert No.6 for TE12067B2709Electric
2787Solenoid valve EVRA 10032F6210Electric
2788Solenoid valve EVRA 25032F6225Electric
2789Coil for solenoid valve EVRA25,220/230V 10W? 50/60Hz Danfos018F6176Electric
2790Valve body TE55 and TQ55 28x35mm ODM solder Straightway067G4001Electric
2791Ref. Distributor I/24 RD21-A05-B03069G000803Electric
2792Orifice cage No.1 for type TEX55067G2005Electric
2793Nut A12U011L1103Electric
2794Pilot operated pressure valve PM1-50 404-3007027F3008Electric
2795Photo element Siemens QRB-3205250Electric
2796Bitzer oil 5LB5.2Electric
2797Pressure switchAGDW 3 f.MT 3-2Electric
2798Contactor ID-5-22/220vElectric
2799Contactor 220V 50HzKO-44EElectric
2800Contactor 24V 50HzKO-62Electric
2801Contactor 220V 50HzKO-80Electric
2802Contactor 24V 50HzKO-80EElectric
2803Contactor 220V 50HzKO-80EElectric
2804Fuse 17,320/660Electric
28053-way Thermo-controller386.04Electric
2806Rolog 2 TZ 11 220V 50/60Hz 1-10minPL.No. 160 0150 03Electric
2807Overload relay S-IR 1/1 4-6, 6A70046Electric
2808Resistancethermometer 354E/1014 1xPT 100M20*1,5 L=160mm 80083Electric
2809Resistancethermometer 354E 1xPT 100M20*1,5 L=400mm 54320Electric
2810Thermometer L=80mm0-600?Electric
2811Thermometer L=235mm60/+40?Electric
2812Thermometer L=235mm0/+100?Electric
2813Thermometer L=160mm+50?/+650?Electric
2814Thermometer 271B L1=200x10mm 0+100?CElectric
2815Control card SMYE 1Y157106701Electric
2816Manometer, glycerin filled, D63mm, material 1.4301/2.0401, 0-250bar, connection rear, bottom (excentric) 1/4"Electric
2817Relay R15 220V 50Hz 2PDT, 220V 50HzElectric
2818Relay R154PDT,48V 50HzElectric
2819Relay R153PDT,10A 24 VACElectric
2820Relay RGI TGL 200-3796 NSF30.2-112Electric
2821Relay RGI TGL 200-3796 NSF30.4-112Electric
2822Relay mRTe-40 110V DCmRTe-40Electric
2823Relay RTs-61 220V 50Hz DCRTs-61Electric
2824Thermo-relay TPTBBC TSA 45P 4,5-6,3AElectric
2825Thermo-relay TPTBBC TSA 45P 0,55-0,83AElectric
2826Thermo-relay TPTBBC TSA 85PO 90-63AElectric
2827Heating element GP D=28;L=245250W,220VElectric
2828Block contact APENA LP-5 Un=500V 440V=Jn 10ALP-5Electric
2829Block contact APENA LP-4 Un=500V 440V=Jn 10ALP-4Electric
2830Connection for contactor APENA SU M110Electric
2834Transistor KT805BElectric
2835Transistor SF 118DElectric
2836Transistor MB 104/4Electric
2837Transistor MB111Electric
2838Tyristor KT808 BMElectric
2839Tyristor KT206/600Electric
2840Translog 2 TGL33567 IP402001.02Electric
2841Translog 2012.03Electric
2842Translog 2018Electric
2843Translog 2 TGL8754 IP20 090 T 0,5AElectric
2844Translog 2 TGL33567 IP40004.01Electric
2845Translog 2 TGL33567 IP40004.03Electric
2846Relog 2RH01 TGL26047 IP40 24V Gs Coil 807476/23 2RH01Electric
2847Relog 2RH01 TGL26047 IP40 60V Gs Coil 807477/28 (818777) 2RH01Electric
2848Relog 2RH30 TGL26047 IP40 127V 50Hz Coil 807480/24 (818788)2RH30Electric
2849Relog 2RH30 TGL26047 IP40 127V WS Coil 807378/4 (819585-5)2RH30Electric
2850Relog 2RH30 TGL26047 IP40 220V 50Hz Coil 807478/5 (818936) Coil 807480/25 (818789)2RH30Electric
2851Relog 2RH30 TGL26047 IP40 24V 50Hz PL No. 731280000 0,60A wit coil2RH30Electric
2852Relog 2RH30 TGL26047 IP40 24V 50Hz Coil 807480/21 (818785) Coil 807478/21 (818780) 2RH30Electric
2853Relog TGL26047 IP40 004.03Electric
2854Relog IP40 TGL260472RG01Electric
2855Relog IP402RG04Electric
28561x Pt 100 380?C TGL0-43760 type 353 E M27x2 X8353EElectric
28571x Pt 100 380?C TGL0-43760 type 354 E354EElectric
28581x Pt 100 380?C RGW 1057 type 325.1 Kl. B325.1Electric
28591x Pt 100 380?C TGL RGW 1057 type 353 M27x2 X8353Electric
28601x Pt 100 380?C TGL RGW 1057 type 354354Electric
28611x Pt 100 380?C TGL 39438 type 353.1 0,27Ohm353.1Electric
28621x Pt 100 380?C TGL 39438 type 354.1354.1Electric
28632x Pt 100 380?C TGL RGW 1057 type 354354Electric
28642x Pt 100 380?C TGL 39438 type 354.1354.1Electric
28652x Pt 100 300?C TGL 39438 type 10141014Electric
28662x Pt 100 550?C TGL 39438 type 358.3 Kl. 2 DSRK358.3Electric
28672x Pt 100 TGL 39438 type 1000 Kl.2 -30…70°C1000Electric
2868Thermoelement TGL0-43710 type 230.50230.50Electric
2869Thermoelement TGL0-43710 type 291291Electric
2870Thermoelement TGL0-43710 type 240.10240.10Electric
2871Resistance thermometer DIN EN 60751 2x Pt100 358?C Kl. B 2-Ltr.2xPt100Electric
2872Resistance thermometer 2x Pt 100 300?C type 380.2 M20x1,5 1.4571380.2Electric
2873Resistance thermometer 2x Pt 100 300?C type 359D M20x1,5 1.4571 359DElectric
2874Resistance thermometer 1x Pt 100 type 1091 M20x1,5 60235.71091Electric
2875Resistance thermometer Type 2K 4049 (258) 1.4571Type 2K 4049 (258)Electric
2876RZ2 code 4918 t?-2s Un-220V f-50Hz IP000 NTR E 236/1-83 RZ2Electric
28772x Pt 100 W-66 AlnorW-66Electric
2878Switch magnet compl. NG6 BR DA 205V DC, 0,15AElectric
2879601P-M Conv Optical 516600201Electric
2880601H-R-M Heat ror 516600203Electric
2881Heating element, 3kW+220V1/3E_15335/74404Electric
2882Heating element, 127V, 450W, M4, tube dia. 8,5mm1/3E_15687/76278Electric
2883Thermo sensor 5-80?CDT-6Electric
2884Solenoid valveMEBH-5/2-1/-8-P-B-230ACElectric
2885Vibration damper 11599SE75 AElectric
2886Time relay, 220V, 50Hz, 4-120sZB3Electric
2887Coil 48V/DCT-D4Electric
2888Initiator NI25-Q20-AN6X2Electric
2889Initiator NI20-Q14-AN6X2 Electric
2890Initiator BI8U-M18-AN6X Electric
2891Initiator NI12U-S18-AN6X Electric
2892Initiator NBN15-F11-E0Electric
2893Speed sensor VDO 340-808-001-002GElectric
2894Angle drive VDO 210-033-047-001CElectric
2895Lamp BA9s, 6V, 200mA, (1,2W) 9x23mm130152Electric
2896Lamp BA9s, 6V, 333mA, (2,0W) 9x23mm130153Electric
2897Lamp BA9s, 24V, 40mA, (1,2W), 9x23mm130159Electric
2898Lamp BA9s, 24V, 125mA, (3W) 9x23mm130161Electric
2899Lamp BA9s, 36V 55mA, 9x23mm 1,8 W 130166Electric
2900Lamp BA9s, 60V, 0,02A, 9x23mm 20mA 130172Electric
2901Lamp BA9s, 12V, 250mA, (3W) 10x28mm130257Electric
2902Lamp BA9s, 24/30V, 2W, R10x28mm1302601Electric
2903Lamp BA9s, 48V, 60mA, (3W) 10x28mm130273Electric
2904Bulb lamp BA9s, 130V, 20mA, R10x28mm130280Electric
2905Lamp BA9s, 240V, 13mA, (3/4W) R10x28mm130281Electric
2906Tubular lamp E14, 220/260V, 6/10W R16x54mm130421Electric
2907Lamp (PYGMY) E14, 15W, 220/235V130816Electric
2908T4,5x16,5mm, 24V, 50mA131005Electric
2909Miniature lamp T5,5x30mm, 24V, 50mA131158Electric
2910Miniature lamp T5,5x30mm, 30V, 40mA131160Electric
2911Miniature lamp with telephone-type T6,8x44mm 24 50mA131207Electric
2912Miniature lamp with telephone-type T6,8x44mm 30V 40mA131208Electric
2913Miniature lamp with telephone-type T6,8x44mm 36V 50mA131210Electric
2914Bulb BA7s, 24V, 3W 125mA 7x20mm131306Electric
2915Miniature lamp, SN388, 28V, 40mA T5,7x16mm131404Electric
2916Miniature lamp, 28V, 40mA T5,7x16mm MG5,7131423Electric
2917Miniature lamp with telephone-type T6,8G 7x44 28V 45mA1132662Electric
2918Lamp (PYGMY) E14, 15W, 12V133506Electric
2919Navigational lamp 65CD, 220V, 85W, socket: B2265CDB22Electric
2920Halogen lamp 240V, 650W, socket: GY 9,56823PElectric
2921High Pressure Sodium Lamp SON-T 400W, 230V7320406Electric
2922Lamp 12V, 5W W36210 574Electric
2923Starter 55/200 220-240V series4-22W 110-130V single Electric
2924Lamp KRL 9x23mm Bags 48V 63mA 3W 002 44 803Electric
2925Lamp 24-30V 1W GSR510 40 29Electric
2926Lamp 42V 15WNARVAElectric
2927Lampholder Siemens BA9s 50/60Hz 220/240/24V3 SB1 400-5CElectric
2928Starter S10, single 220-240V, 4-65WS10Electric
2929DMA-F Sensor head UG 74635513.7400-101110Electric
2930Photocell QRB-1S-70,7(2)22821Electric
2931Contactor 220V/50HzID1 K1/1Electric
2932Contactor 40A/380VKID-1Electric
2933Contactor 220V/50HzIDX31Electric
2934Contactor 220V/50HzIDX31-44Electric
2935Contactor 220V/50Hz (Ith = 90A 500V~)ID3CElectric
2936Contactor 63A/220VID3CElectric
2937Contactor 22/220V 50HzID5Electric
2938Contactor 220V/50Hz / 160A/660V (B170)ID6Electric
2939Contactor 44/220V ACJDX21Electric
2940Contactor 220V/50HzLX0-10-22Electric
2941Contactor KO-40 42V 50HzElectric
2942Relay 2RH30 42V/50Hz731 281Electric
2943Relay 2RH01 42V DC732 696 004Electric
2944Time relay 1-12sec. 220V 50Hz RZw734 160 000Electric
2945Time relay 2-30sec. 220V 50Hz RZw734 162 000Electric
2946Time relay 2-30min. 220V 50Hz RZw734 168 000Electric
2947Time relay 4-60min. 220V 50Hz RZw734 170 000Electric
2948Time relay 0,25-6h 220V 50Hz RZw734 178 000Electric
2949Time relay 0,4-6min 220V 50Hz RZw770 746 000Electric
2950Time relay 220V 50HzS1D1 S1/1Electric
2951Time relay ZR20 220V ~50/60Hz 0,1sec-20min160 165 000Electric
2952Time relay 0,1s-1min2 TZ 31Electric
2953Time relay 24V 0,1s-10m6 TZ 60Electric
2954Time relay 24V 0,1s-10m6 TZ 61Electric
2955Time relay 24V 0,1s-1m6 TZ 71Electric
2956Time relay 110V 0,1s-1m6 TZ 60Electric
2957Microswitch V5C 010BB3D462624Electric
2958ThyristorSV 390/10-44Electric
2959Thyristor type 202T250/1200-GElectric
2960Diode DS856-320-14Electric
2961Diode SY 250 (DSRK)Electric
2962Diode SY 250-B200Electric
2963Diode SKR 130/12 LSA52/M7087 185 60Electric
2964Solenoid 220V 50Hz RZwW2Electric
2965Solenoid 220V 50Hz RZwWZ2Electric
2966Rectifier bridge Semikron SKD 30/12 A1Electric
2967Rectifier bridge SKD 50/12 A3Electric
2968Rectifier set (generator)954-010.12-00:22-11Electric
2969Cam switch 380V 100A793 506 463 111 20Electric
2970Cam switch 380V 40A135037314Electric
2971Modul MTT 431-50-12 LHOElectric
2972Fuse 25x5mm 2AESKAElectric
2973Fuse 25x5mm 4AESKAElectric
2974Fuse 25x5mm 5AESKAElectric
2975Fuse 25x5mm 6,3AESKAElectric
2976MS 0,600 P24V 05S 500V-220V 240A TP03/36 MTP 28/71Electric
2992STORK DR216
2993Oil seal2506R197STORK DR216
2995Pipe brush 10mm 500810Brushes
2996Pipe brush 6mm 501801Brushes
2997Pipe brush 20mm502820Brushes
2998Pipe brush 16mm 500816Brushes
2999Carbon brush, cable L=80mm cable shoe=M832x12,5x25 / E29Brushes
3000Carbon brush4297410Brushes
3001Carbon brush 16x32x40, cable L=90mm cable shoe: M810684-SBrushes
3002Carbon brush 6x6x23, cable L=29mm ?8mm material H14802ADBrushes