About us

We’d like to present in short the firm, whose main office is in Bremen, Germany

At present, the main specialization of the firm is supply of ship spare parts, equipment, units, tubes, cranks, mechanical equipment and other machines, tools and different materials for repair and construction of all kinds of ships.

For a long time A.S.M. has been working in the sphere of supplying ships in Bremen and Bremerhaven and now it is expanding its activities after reorganization and coming of specialists on spare parts.

A.S.M. has at its disposal a spare part stock to provide ships with necessary spares as soon as possible and without additional expenses. We also can keep your spare parts at our warehouse before the coming of your ship or for organization of shipment of large amount of spares.
We are very strong in supplying of the fish trawlers build in ex USSR, GDR and Poland. For this types of ships we can serve you in full range starting from engine room and up to the fish factory. Following trawler types belong to them: „Pulkovskiy Meridian“, „Moonsund“ „Obolon“, „Prometheus“, “BMTR-Project B-408”, “SPRUT-Project B-400” and others.
Spare parts for main and auxiliary engines of this trawlers are in big quantities in our stock. It is for the following engines: 6 ChN 40/46 (Pielstick PC 2.5), VDS 48/42, 8ZD 72/48, VD 26/20, NVD 48-2, ZL 40/48, AL 25/30 and so on. The big quantity of different spares for fish factory, freezing compressors and processing line are also available from our stock.

As to spare parts and equipment producing by former USSR, our representatives deal with them in Ukraine and Russia directly from the manufacturers to the prices lower than price lists. We are able to supply these spares to your ships by your request without overhead expenses.

Here is a short list of engines, to which the spares are available

All ordered equipment may be delivered to any port of the world in accordance with your request- by air, sea, truck or mail service (depending on the urgency) on cheaper and more beneficial conditions as well as directly on board a ship if necessary without involving an agent.

A.S.M. is ready to cooperate with you to mutual benefit and satisfaction and guarantees maximum high level service for 24 hours, short terms of delivery, low prices and high quality.
We are sure you won’t regret your starting to work with us in our turn we will do our best to meet your requirements.
We ale looking forward to getting your requests and we will be glad to be at your service.